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Male Grooming And Facial Hair Maintenance Techniques

Male Grooming And Facial Hair Maintenance Techniques
Male Grooming And Facial Hair Maintenance Techniques

At one time men did not take much notice of their appearance. The most they probably did was shave, and add aftershave to make them smell nice.

Hair, in particular facial hair was perhaps better looked after but probably not much.

Today however male grooming is a huge multimillion pound business. But many men even now still have no idea what needs to be done beyond cutting, styling and shaving hair.

As such, perhaps the following tips can help.

First, as one gets older hair begins to grow from various orifices, notably the nose. Removing this while a little painful can make all the difference to appearance. However rather than trying to pull the hair out it makes more sense to use a clipper.

Second, unless you have very thin eye brows, getting them trimmed and possibly shaped will improve the appearance around the eyes. Asking your local barber to do this while getting your hair cut maybe better than trying to do it yourself. Once they have been trimmed it is also important to brush them.

Like the nose, hair grows around and inside the ear. This can look unsightly. So it is a good idea to trim these as well from time to time. Similarly, assuming you don’t want long hair, hair on the neck can be cut to ensure a clean appearance.

Again, your barber may do this as a matter of course. If not, why not ask. It won’t cost any more.

Cleansing your face regularly with a dedicated facial cleanser is important. Not only does it helps maintain the skin it keeps it cleaner that normal soap. The latter can dry the skin as the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body.

It may be worth investigating what facial cleansers are available rather than simply using soap. They are not that expensive.

Shaving is a difficult subject for some men. Using an electric razor is not always the most appropriate. However manual shaving can also cause razor burn. Consequently, it might be worth trying out various methods before settling on one.

The electric razor does have one advantage, namely it can be used in emergencies.

Whichever method you use – electric razor or wet shaving, it is important to use a moisturiser to replace the water lost through shaving. The latter can dry the skin.

Hence, keeping a small grooming kit on your person might be useful.

Finally, don’t rush into using any old aftershave. They are not all the same. However while adding fragrances to the face may make you smell nice try not to overdo it.

Looking good is important to most men even though they may not admit it. Facial hair, skin condition, straight teeth and dress sense should all be considered when talking about body image.