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    In the year 1997, a brilliantly new world of fantasy was opened up to the world. It was a world where everything, even the simplest home tasks such as cooking, washing clothes and so on were done at the flick of a stick. The mobile phones in of 21st century are somewhat like the magic wands from Harry Potter. Just like food was cooked or called upon and means of transportation were obtained among others by flicking a wand, one can now obtain such services at the click of a button. This trend has become a success due to the emergence of the On-Demand service apps. These apps are so designed, that they act as a medium connecting a customer to a provider.

    Various services such as food delivery, Booking a Cab, booking homestays, healthcare, and others can be obtained at just a click of a button nowadays. The smartphone has become an important tool for global communication. In a fashion of life where time is a great constraint, the onset of On-Demand app services has made life easier. With the present statistical records, it is estimated that the On-Demand service apps are being accessed by 22.4 million customers on a daily basis. The success behind On-Demand app services is its simplistic yet modern approach to everyday problems. Various aspects of life are being affected by these On-Demand app solutions:

    • Eat to Your Heart’s Content: UberEats, GrubHub, etc. are various on-demand app solutions that are designed for the sole purpose of food home delivery. Hungry and too tired to cook? Maybe daily food has become mundane! These apps are a one-stop solution to all such problems. Having been linked to various restaurants, these apps provide a multitude of options to choose from to satiate the hunger.
    • Deliver Anything, Anywhere: Starting from groceries and going all the way up to various articles to be couriered to different places, on-demand app services have taken over the market, and have made delivering stuff so much easier.
    • After-sales Services: Air conditioner, the refrigerator needs regular maintenance for the long term and beneficial use. The services required to look after its proper running can now be accessed through online platforms for a vast majority of companies. Just register a complaint, or request a service online, and the customer service team can take up from there.
    • Healthcare: A major advantage of the on-demand app solutions has been seen in the healthcare sector. The bridge between the doctors and health specialists and the patients has been made so much easier by the aid of such apps. A click can reveal the best plan suited for any patient. A click can generate the best way to utilize a patient’s resources. A simple click nowadays can bring about the best of healthcare anywhere in the world.
    • A Roof: Obtaining a roof while in transit was never as easy as it is now. Instead of booking hotels people are turning to apps such as Airbnb that allows a direct link with locals who have put up their places for providing accommodation to tired travelers. Along with the aesthetics of such an endeavor, these places are also much more affordable at times, compared to a hotel.

    As can be understood, the emergence of On-Demand apps has been a huge leap in technological advancement for the world. With all the various engagements in today’s daily life, time is of great value. The On-Demand app services have managed to save upon this already constricted time and therefore have ended up becoming so much attractive to users.

    Technological advancement is also highly appreciated by a major sect of people in today’s world and that too has led to the exponential growth of on-demand service apps. Last but not least, these apps have also made possible the acquiring of services at reasonable prices benefitting both the producers as well as the customers. These factors make on-demand service apps such a huge hit among people across the globe!

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