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Pool Design Ideas

If you’re looking to enhance the value of your home or simply create a relaxing backyard atmosphere where you can stay cool in the summer, installing a pool is a great idea. However, to maximize the aesthetic value, you need to consider the possibility of various pool designs you can implement.

It’s almost impossible to find a house with a simple rectangular pool these days. Most pools have a shape that is asymmetrical, as well as additional décor and accessories to make it seem more �?natural’ and less of an eyesore. While it may sound a bit strange, the �?bladder’ shaped pool is quite popular, giving the pool a more abstract shape so it looks like a natural pond rather than a box in the ground.

Once you’ve determined the basic shape of your pool, you should consider the opportunity to add other features. You have options such as putting a spa on one side or at one end, as well as adding colored lights inside the pool or heating elements to keep the water warm in cooler months for year-round use. Other design elements you can consider are waterfalls, including a natural-looking design with rocks instead of bricks or tiles.

How deep will your pool be? If you are opting for a deeper pool with one end at eight feet or more, you might want to think about diving boards, slides, and other fun structures to make the pool more exciting. Will you have a place to put a net in the center of the pool for water volleyball? These are all ideas to make your pool a sporty, fun place to play.

Most pools these days also include landscaping and vegetation. Do you want a tropical look with big leafy fronds, or do you want to have minimal floral bushes around the edges to keep it from seeming clinical while not overwhelming the area? Many homeowners choose their pool designs based on an overall theme. You can consider whether you want your pool to feel like the beach or a forested hot springs, then base your choice of plants on that design idea.

Whatever you do, make sure you dress up your pool design before you have it installed. Getting creative and building a completely new environment is a great way to make a fun space as well as add value to your home.


Our guest writer is Jennifer. Jennifer is a child safety advocate. Please make sure that your kids are safe around your pool even in the winter. Always use appropriate pool fencing and pool covers!