Professional Learning Indicator Test Will Help You Get Your Dream Job!

Professional Learning Indicator Test Will Help You Get Your Dream Job!

Professional Learning Indicator Test Will Help You Get Your Dream Job!

Canned interview questions often get same canned answers!

You might have gone through the ages-old process in which, the recruiter’s screen test every candidate and filter them on the basis of respective degree and skills. However, is the process enough to decide whether you are a good fit for the organization?

Perhaps not!

The general skill and the assessment questions are quite straightforward and will not help in identifying the skills of a candidate. Imagine, you might not get shortlisted because you do not have the respective skill or not enough experience.

That’s When The Professional Learning Test Comes In!

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI Learning Indicator), formerly known as the Professional LearningIndicator (PLI) is a comprehensive test that is designed to access the candidate’s cognitive abilities. This test is specifically designed to evaluate your on-job ability and potential, which will further help you assimilate into the organization’s culture.

It’s a 12-minute test, with 50 questions to let recruiter’s gauge skills that are missing on the resume.  The recruiters use this assessment test to hire candidates who not only have specialization in the respective course but also has potential and zeal to learn new things. Since it’s scientifically valid, it will predict thinking capabilities, knowledge acquisition and more, that too under set time-constraint.

Why Recruiters Use The PI Test To Hire Candidates?

The predictive Index or the Professional Learning Indicator Test is easy to use and science-based test which, recruiters trust to hire skilled candidates on-board. The test also offers actionable insights into a candidates behaviour, their developing area and the motivation needs that are important in the job. Further, they use this test to find candidates who not only have a good understanding of their course but are also knowledgeable.

You Will Be Judged On:

  • Dominance:  How much dominant you are and to what extent you will withstand with the company’s metrics will be judged. If you will score high on this, it means you are independent, self-confident, and assertive. However, candidates with low scores will be manageable, cooperative and accommodating.
  • Patience: How consistent and stable you are will define your patience level on the job. If you are fast-paced and impatient, you are likely to fail in this test.
  • Extroversion: If you are outgoing, persuasive and socially active, you are going to score high on the test. Basically, the test will measure how social you are and how easily you will connect to others.

Technical Aspects Related To Pre-Employment Test:

The predictive index learning test comprises of 50 multiple-choice questions, with each question of different difficulty level

You will have to complete a test in 12 minutes.

The test is available in 50 different countries and in 70 different languages.

The test is divided into three sections:

Numerical reasoning section will feature questions related to number series, word problems, math questions.

Verbal questions with antonyms, analogies, formal logic.

The non-verbal section will feature questions from spatial awareness, logical reasoning and inductive reasoning
You can give the test in pen-paper, desktop and internet-based format.

Once the test is over, you will be given to the scores by the recruiter instantly.

How To Ace The Test?

To ace any time-constraint test that features Numerics, diagrams and English, all you need is the plan, precision and practice. Here are some tips to help you:

Try To Compete With Time: Since there will be a total 50 questions that you have to complete in a specific time, practice is the only thing that can save you. Take sample tests of the same patterns and practice more.

Work On The Strengths And Weaknesses: While practising, you will come across topics that you might find tricky; identify them and work on them. Don’t spend much time on the topics that you fear from.

Analyze Every Question:  Before attempting any question, take some time and analyze every question. If the question is too tricky for you, don’t waste time trying it, simply skip it.

If you want to increase your chance of being selected by the recruiters, prepare yourself for the predictive index cognitive test, score high and land in your dream job!