Recommended books! The following four good books are worth reading repeatedly.

Recommended books! The following four good books are worth reading repeatedly.

A good book is worth reading repeatedly, because it can bring us a different experience.

Little Prince

The fairy tale describes that the little prince was not conquered by the deceptive world of adults, but finally found his ideal. This ideal is the love that connects all things in the universe, and this kind of love is what the world lacks. Therefore, the little prince often expresses a sad mood. The author Saint Exupery said in his dedication: This book is dedicated to the former child who grew up as an adult. “The Little Prince” has not only won the love of child readers, but also adults. The condensed language of the work penetrates the author’s deep thinking about human beings and human civilization. The irony and fantasy, the true feelings and the philosophies it showed, made it the most famous fairy tale novel in France and even in the world.

Shepherd Boy’s Fantasy Journey

This book tells about the shepherd boy Santiago had the same dream twice in succession, dreaming that there are a number of treasures hidden near the pyramids of Egypt. The young man sold his flock and went all the way to the south, crossing the sea to Africa, and crossing the “Sea of ​​Death” in the Sahara Desert. During this period, he had many adventures. Under the guidance of an alchemist, he finally reached the front of the pyramid. Realized the true story of the treasure. Buy Books and never miss  Amazon Books Discount Code and AbeBooks UK Discount Code 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This book is one of Mark Twain’s most popular and favourite children’s novels. Tom lost his mother in his childhood and was adopted by his aunt. The clever and mischievous Tom couldn’t stand the control of his aunt and the school teacher, and often played truant from school. Late one night, he and his good friend Huckleberry Finn went to the cemetery to play and accidentally witnessed a murder. Fearing that the murderer would find out that they knew about it, Tom and Huckleberry fled to a deserted island with another partner and became a “pirate”. The family thought they were drowned, but they appeared instead. At his own “funeral.” After a fierce ideological struggle, Tom finally stood up bravely and proved the murderer. Soon after, at a picnic event, he and his beloved girl Becky lost their way in a cave, hungry and cold for three days and nights, facing death threats. Buy Books and use amazon books discount code nhs

Moon and sixpence

You and I have friends like this ordinary office workers, middle-aged people, married, have a son, and earn money on the ground. Maybe, you yourself are such a person, unknowingly entering middle age in such a life. The protagonist Charles in “Moon and Sixpence” is exactly like this, but one day he suddenly responded to his inner call and left a note saying: Dinner is ready. In this way, he rebelled, abandoned everything and ran away from home, intent on pursuing his love of painting, and went to Tahiti in the South Pacific to live with the aboriginals, and never looked back.

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