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Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling

It comes a time when you need to remodel your bathroom. Nevertheless, you may not want to dip into your kids’ college fund or take out another loan. Of course, no one wishes to do so. You can still remodel your kitchen if you stick to these simple tricks and tips:

Set a practical budget
The first step obviously is to come up with a practical budget. This means you have to go out and determine the prices of things you want to change in yourbathroom remodeling phoenix project. This may include the price of the tiles, sinks, fixtures, paint, construction material and labor. For each item, compare prices and write down the lowest you come across. For the labor, you should call several companies for theirfree quotes and again go with the cheapest. Taking the time to develop a realistic budget will help you save money. For instance, you will be less tempted to spend over your budget when you see something interesting that you had not seen before.

Save up all the money of the project beforehand
This may come as a surprise to many because they want to use their credit cards and get all the points for money back or some other kind of benefits. Nevertheless, when using your credit card, you will certainly go over budget because you are not running out of cash. Furthermore, when you are unable to pay off everything, your interest rate will go even higher and increase your remodeling cost unnecessarily. Even if you pay your credit carddebt every month, unexpected expenses might come up and you are unable to do so. Therefore, you can save yourself all the heartache by saving up all your remodeling money in advance. Of course, this means you have to be patient for several months before undertaking the project.

Focus on efficiency rather than size
When remodeling your bathroom, the saying “the bigger the better” does not apply. You want to maximize utility and gain as much square footage as possible especially if you have a small bathroom. For instance, instead of having the mirror and the cabinet separate, you can install the mirror in your medicine cabinet, and use the space for something else. Replace your traditional bathroom sink with a wall hang sinks so that you can free up the space underneath. If you desire a tub and a shower, you can have both in one place to increase convenience, efficiency and utilize space.

Do not throw away your trash

Before you start the project, you will remove all the trash in the bathroom including your old fixtures and vanities. Instead of throwing away some of these things, consider selling them out a throw-away-price online. You never know, there is someone else who might be looking for these things to upgrade their bathroom. Some organizations also specialize in recycling such things so you can sell the items to them. You can then use this money to compliment your remodeling budget.

Demolish on your own

Some remodeling project may require that you know down a wall or some part of the bathroom. Even though the cost of knowing down the wall may not be the same as the cost of rebuilding, it is still part of your expense. You can alleviate this cost by doing your own demolition. If you know exactly where you need to knock down, you can accomplish this task within no time. However, you should proceed with caution so as not to cause unnecessary but costly damage. Use the right tools and remain safe while doing this task. You can ask your family to help if able to do so.

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