Sex is good – what researchers say about it?

Every one knows that sex is one of the rarest thing in this world that can give you pleasure in it’s purest form. Not only that it brings you several health benefits which also keeps you fresh and positive towards your life, like reducing stress, better sleep, improved cardiovascular  functioning  etc. So is there anything new to know about sex? Of course! There are some really interesting facts that researchers have found out recently, nevertheless to say they all come to you when you maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

A happy heart- People who have sex at least twice in a week , are less likely to experience heart attacks than those who have sex only once in a month, in that case the risk of experiencing  fatal coronary events becomes twice as far as the research result has shown us.

Testosterone benefits – Frequent sex has also been linked up with fast recovery from erectile dysfunction those who are suffering from ED can see the result faster if they have regular sex along with the treatment.

Good effects for menopausal women- Sex can be like a blessing in the life of menopausal women, as they tend to have less hot flashes when they have sex regularly  and it also results in a better regulation of hormone levels.

Lower risk of prostate cancer- It’s still not clear that how sex can eliminate the risk of prostate cancer, but it has been seen that frequent sex can have a good impact in this regard, however it is assumed that better prostate function is somewhat responsible for the same.

Blood pressure- Take it like this, more sexually active you are better your blood pressure will be. Especially your diastolic pressure, also you will be less likely to face sudden blood pressure strike under stress.

Longer life- So if you want a long life, do have sex more frequently. At the same time it’s important that you enjoy the activity  and not just doing it, it’s definitely going to add a few more years to your life.

Relief from migraine and other pains- Sex can dramatically improve the condition of lower back pain if you have any and is also good for migraine as well.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer- The risk of breast cancer becomes three times bigger  for a woman when she  is sexually less active or not active at all.

Calorie burn- Doing sex does burn certain amount of calorie, although it might seem to be a very small amount ( 50-60 cal), but if you sum up the total count( having sex three times a week) it would be around 700 cal a month, which is the same amount of calorie that you would have burned if you ran for five miles. If you are concerned about burning calories, you should go for a missionary position while having sex, it’s the best position for burning more calories.

No matter if you do sex just for getting the physical pleasure or to feel the sense of connectedness, sex always has some great benefits to offer you every time you do it.

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