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Simple Tips To Get Your Kids To Exercise

It is a fact that most parents want to know how they can bring their children up to be more healthy. In particular a lot of parents want to know how to get their kids to do more exercise.

To answer these queries that parents have, I am going to answer the most common questions in relation to children and exercise, and then conclude with my personal recommendations on what parents can do to encourage their children to be more active.

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To begin with we will actually take a look at the current situation that kids these days face. The reality of the modern day age is that most kids are not that active. They are getting fatter and unhealthier with every passing minute. In fact the current generation of kids are the unhealthiest compared to any generation before.

A simple statistic will clarify it for the doubters out there. Back at the end of the 1960’s, almost 49% of kids would with bike or walk it to school every single day of the year. That number has fallen to a terrible 11% in 2011.

This one statistic is just proof that the situation isn’t getting better anytime soon. Believe me all you need to do is look around at the kids around you, and you will notice that instead of running about and playing, most of them will have their heads buried in some sort of electronic gadget or gizmo.

The sad reality is that the children that are lazy and fat when they are young will often grow up to become adults who have the same sort of attitude to health and fitness. The same is true for those kids that are on the opposite side of the scale.

However, children around the world absolutely love to run about because it is in their nature to do so. All you need to do is encourage your kids to get out there, and explore the big wide world that is there. Push them to run about, play and climb trees, and believe me pretty soon you will have a child that loves to exercise and stay fit.

Now onto answering some questions

Is It Possible For a Child To Stunt Their Own Growth By Lifting Weights?

Most people, especially parents are under the impression that children that lift weights will actually suffer from stunted growth.

But if we take a look at the facts instead of following rumors, then we will see that there isn’t a single solid piece of research that can prove this statement to be true.

But there are plenty of research studies that have been done which show that children as well as adults that weight train on a consistent basis will actually develop stronger bones, be in better shape and generally experience better health than those that don’t lift weights.

So it isn’t a great idea to say yes or no as to whether or not lifting weights can stunt a child’s growth. Weight training can when done unsafely result in damage to the growth plates of a child, which of course may ultimately lead to them stunting their growth. However this is possible for any sport where physical contact is required and the rules are not followed properly.

If we take a look at the facts then we can see that the children that do lift weights will ultimately end up enjoying much better health than those children that don’t.

Can kids benefit from regimented programs like Primal Blueprint Fitness?

Should Your Kid Join a Fitness Program

A fitness program for a child is only needed for special circumstances. The truth is that the only reason fitness programs in general are needed in the first place is because staying fit and healthy is just not a requirement anymore.

So if you have a child that absolutely loves to run about and stay active then it is unlikely they will need to be put into a structured fitness program.

Fitness programs are great for those children that have become used to living lazy and sedentary lives and need to be reminded on how to be active.

Recommendations On Ways To Keep Your Kid Fit

These are the things that I implement on a daily basis with my kids and something that I’d recommend that you start to implement as well.

One: Play

Play must be the focus of all exercise. Play is something that is often times active and something that your children will love to do all the time.

When your children are playing they will naturally be moving about a lot, and exploring their environment. Keep this up for long enough and they will eventually love being involved with physical fitness.

A benefit of making play the focus is that your kid will be a lot more open to taking part in structured fitness programs later on. But always remember that long term success will only come about when play is the foundation.

Two: Climb Things

You as a parent need to encourage your child to climb as many things as possible. Whatever is out there, such as a pull up bar, tree, rope etc you need to be there to push your kid to climb it. Even better will be to install some sort of pull up bar in your home, so that as soon as your kids are able they are going to be able to climb it whenever they want.

Three: Jumping On and Off Things

In reality, your children will be prone to falling down all the time. However this doesn’t mean you become extremely overprotective to the point where they dislike physical activity. Instead you should help them by teaching them safe ways to land properly should they ever fall down. This will drastically reduce the injuries that they get, and will actually help them reduce the chances that they even get injured in the first place.

Four: Allow Them To Balance On Things

Balance is one of the most, if not the most important skill that you are going to be able to teach your child. The best way to teach your child the art of balance is to actually get some pieces of wood and lay them out in your back yard. They can then jump on them and use them as a sort of balancing beam.

At the end of the day you really need to be the example that your kid follows. The more you push and help your child to move about and stay active from a young age, the more they are going to grow up with the love and desire to stay fit and healthy.

And believe me this desire to actually be healthy is one of the best things that you are ever going to be able to give to your child.


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