Solar Water Heating

Those who are aware of the depletion of the non- renewable energy sources are constantly trying to do their bit to save the environment. One of the procedures of doing so is to create an alternate method for heating water. Hot water is used on a large scale for various industrial and domestic purposes. But to use electricity and boilers for heating gallons of water is not at all cost effective. Solar Water Heating, or SWH, as it is commonly known has gained widespread popularity for this reason. After the initial set up, there is very little to be done and one can get a constant supply of hot water, irrespective of whether there is electricity or not.

History: The first set up of SWH was known to be in 1896 in USA. Later in the 1900s, the designs were improved and the “batch water heater” as we know it today, got its shape. It was first used for small scale uses and later central heating systems were set up with their help.

Set Up and Installation: The set up for SWH depends largely on the general temperature of a place. In countries where the temperature is normally always high, hardly anything needs to be done than setting up a water tank to collect the water, connecting the pipes from the tank to the outlets and most important, install the solar panels over the tank. However, in very cold countries, one might have to install freeze protectors. This is because if the heated water is used up slowly, then the outside temperature might cool the water faster, as the sun rays will not be strong enough in very cold climates. Additional parabolic mirrors are also used to concentrate the energy of the sun and increase the heat.

Cost Effectiveness: Apart from the cost of the initial set up, there is very little to consider. And the costs mainly include the mirrors, pipes, solar panels and water tanks, none of which are extravagantly expensive. Moreover, there is very little after- care. There are no hidden costs of wirings nor does one has to be in the constant lookout for short circuits and fuses- a constant source of worry wherever water and electricity otherwise comes together. A single set up has been known to run effortlessly for years,

Uses: The SWH system is used for large scale water heating in many countries. Hot water is needed for medical reasons, in hospitals, in factories and warehouses and food processing industries. Closer home, swimming pools in many cold countries is heated with this system. Many households are also setting up this system in the roof of their houses and the hot water is not only used for daily activities but also indigenously used for hot water underfloor heating system, keeping the rooms centrally heated at hardly any extra costs. Because of its growing popularity, DIY kits are also available and they are simply enough to be set up without any outside help.

With solar water heating, the problem of large scale water heating has been solved to a large extent and research is always on the progress for making the system more efficient.

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