Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt

Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt
Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt
Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt
Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt

Hairstyles for girls pose an immense challenge when it comes to achieving cool, unique and beautiful looks. You have to be creative enough to come up with something special that might not have been tried by anyone else before or, at least, is not so common among girls. But wait! You don’t really need to make it look so complex. There are plenty of cool looks introduced every season by professional hairstylists and they have that desired element of creativity as well. Now, if you want to check out what options do you have in terms of cool hairstyles for girls, here we have listed a few that will surely impress any girl and she’ll fancy having them. Let’s check out.

1. A-Line Bob Hairstyle With A Cool Braid

A perfect choice for special events, this cool hairstyle works best for weddings, choir/band concerts and even for after-school parties. You can always make it look even chicer by adding that beautiful waterfall braid that works to jazz up the look completely. Make it look more dynamic by adding some highlights to it.

2. Pixie Bob Hairstyle With Long Beautiful Bangs

From the craziest unicorn looks to festival-ready braids, girls’ hairstyles actually run the gamut when it comes to inventiveness. The coif follows the suit as it focuses on that cool bang which is included in the beautiful angled choppy crop. It is suggested that you should go for some neutral color so that you do not draw everyone’s attention away from your haircut.

Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt
Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt


3. Curled Pixie Hairstyle With Bangs

Pixie hairstyles are considered among the coolest hairstyles and are one of the top-rated hairdos at Mr Kids Haircuts. And, when it comes to Pixie hairstyle variations, you also have quite a lot of options available as well. Curly or wavy textures look absolutely wonderful on short-to-medium length hair if you do not make them look overly put together. A touch of messiness would be great. In fact, you can run some texturizing gel right through your hair as well before styling it the way you want. It will add a bit of elegance to the look.

Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt
Some Cool Hairstyles That Every Girl Would Love To Flaunt

4. Layered Bob Hairstyle With Highlights

It really is a timeless hairstyle that looks flattering on all the face shapes and works perfectly for the teenage girls. For individually enhancing each layer, you need to gently wrap the locks around your curling iron with large barrel and create the outward curls. You need to create some extra volume through liquid or powdered dry shampoo.

5. Double-Braided Hairstyle With Crimp

Even though it is among the short hairdos that have been around for a very long time, crimped hairstyles are making a huge comeback. In case, if it’s not intended to rock a crimped look on your entire head, just don’t worry as you can wrap your hair around into a beautiful double-braid. The crimps can be created with the help of special iron or naturally by sleeping in the tiny braids.

6. Ombre Braided Hairstyle With Bun

This beautiful half-updo hairstyle is just perfect for the dressy or casual occasions. The hair on top is nicely sectioned off from the temple and is then parted from the center braiding both the sides to middle of your head. Loosely wrap the braids around one another and form a beautiful messy bun. Depth can be added to the look by dyeing it in an ombre shade. This also highlights soft curls at the bottom.

7. Frozen-Inspired Braided Hairstyle

It’s a cool hairstyle that is inspired by the animated movie “Frozen”. The look is achieved by gathering all the hair towards a side and creating a beautiful Dutch braid weaving three strands underneath each other rather than over the top which is usually the case when you’re creating a French braid. As you reach below your ear, switch the braid up into a fishtail style. Secure it using an elastic bringing some strands out around her face to add softness.

8. Classic Chignon

This classic chignon updo hairstyle with modern twisted hair is just perfect for ladies and young girls. A couple of equal hair sections are made to twist away from her face as they are pinned along the sides for holding them into place. After that, you will have to twist free hair that is left behind in every section, pinning it in ‘S’ pattern around the head. Make sure any holes aren’t left behind so that a perfectly uniform bun is created.

9. Braids For Tweens

This really is a cool one-sided braided look that is a perfect choice when you are short on time. In addition, it nicely works with many of the latest hairdos for girls. You can create a side-parted look and then section her hair off from the part to back of the ear. Next, braid the hair that’s been sectioned-off. Include small hair strands and continue braiding from the back side so that the braid goes cascading through your loose hair. Secure the look with a clear, small ponytail holder. You can also pin it into place as well.

10. Twisted Braid

Use this beautiful wrap-around braid for taking your hairdo into an all-new direction. The hairstyle is achieved by starting the braid somewhere around lower nape section of the head and it worked to go swirling around your head right at the front. Use pins to secure the braids’ ends and tuck it under for creating the illusion of that beautifully weaved crown of hair. The hairstyle works fine for thicker hair which could be styled in long layers or in a single length.

So, these are some of the wonderful cool hairstyles for girls that they would love to flaunt regardless of the occasion. If you have also been looking for something trendy, going with one of these beautiful hairdos would be a great choice for sure. Just make sure that you achieve each look to perfection so that it looks as awesome as it is intended to be.