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Steps You Need To Take After Encountering A Personal Injury

Steps You Need To Take After Encountering A Personal Injury
Steps You Need To Take After Encountering A Personal Injury
Steps You Need To Take After Encountering A Personal Injury
Steps You Need To Take After Encountering A Personal Injury

A large sequence of events is initiated as soon as an employee injury occurs. Irrespective of how long the recovery period might be, the most crucial are the first 24 hours after the incident takes place. It is during this time that all the actions must be taken so that the company can be held accountable for the damage done by their negligence.

Claims which are reported after the first week have a higher cost according to a study published by the Hartford Financial Services Group. During the 2nd week, they are 18% high and during the 3rd and 4th, they rise by 30%. If the incident remains unreported until a month, the value of the claim can go as high as 45%.

There are multiple reasons why an insurance company can deny your personal injury claim with some of them being a pre-existing medical condition, delay in reporting of the claim, or if you don’t have a personal injury attorney to support your claim. Thus, it is important to be very careful and take the following necessary steps as soon as you face an injury at work.

Seek Medical Attention

It is quite natural to jump to the financial repercussions after encountering an injury but you need to avoid these thoughts and seek immediate medical help. This is no time to worry about money and above all, if you fail to prove that you actually needed medical help, your employer will have a reason to not provide you with compensation.

Your immediate reaction should be to call 911 if the injury is very serious. They will help you in reaching a nearby medical facility so that you are able to get proper care. While you get treated for the issue, don’t forget to follow the legal steps so that you can file a report. If you are not able to do it yourself, it is advisable to ask any of your friends or relatives instead of causing a delay.

Report While it is Still Fresh

After receiving prompt medical attention, it is essential to report all the concerned parties as soon as possible. The more you delay, the weaker will be the chances of getting proper compensation. All the information related to the workplace and injury must be shared with the employer as well as the insurance company.

Timely reporting strengthens your claim and lets you have it without going into complications. This also reduces the time for all the legal formalities and rapid results can be ensured. Causing a delay in reporting the incident makes the concerned authorities question the authenticity and severity of your injury.

Get the Claim Form

It is the duty of the employer to provide their employee with a claim form so that they pursue their claim. You must collect this form soon and fill it so that it is possible for you to get the required compensation. Meanwhile, the employer will talk to the insurance company and inform them of the incident.

Apart from filling the required documentation, it is also important to provide any additional information which can help in the lawsuit. There are chances that the employer or the insurance company would try to evade the compensation. Through vigilance and timely actions, you can make it difficult for them to turn down your claim.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

A lot of employees think that they do not require legal help and can easily handle the case themselves. One reason to avoid a Duluth personal injury attorney is their humongous fee but one doesn’t need to pay anything until the case resolves. You always have the option of choosing such a company which lets you choose a plan wherein you pay after receiving the compensation.

There is no denying that the fee charged by legal professionals is high but if you don’t hire them, you would actually be facing more trouble. Understanding all the legal details and coming up with appropriate reasoning to support your claim can actually be more intimidating than you think it is.


While many employees have the perception that their employers will treat them justly in case of an injury, little do they know that most of the insurance companies deny personal injury claims. One should always be well-prepared and know what to do in such a situation because accidents are unavoidable.

Without proper help and guidance, you will not be able to face your employer or the insurance company and there are high chances that they try to evade the compensation through their strong contacts and wise tactics. Therefore, look for a reputable law firm and hire a Duluth personal injury attorney who can help you out with all the legal concerns and get you the deserved compensation.