Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth

Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth
Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth

Every traveler at least once in his/her life must have asked this question from “Why would an airline serve crappy food?”

The answer was found by a bunch of science guys from a German research organization named Fraunhofer institute.

As per their research airlines actually aren’t serving you bad food but it the air pressure that it playing with your senses here.

They claim that as soon as we go higher than 35000 feet sense of taste is the first thing we lose, hence the whole drama.

But, some airlines are if truth be told are better in the food section than others, sure it won’t be as delicious as they serve in all inclusive cruises, but still pretty good.

Let’s see which one are those?

Singapore Airlines

Are you one of those guys who like to save money by taking economy flights and later splash the cash saved on the destination? Give Singapore airlines a chance to impress.

Singapore airlines are famous for the food quality they serve in economic class. The food is tastier than thou and lefts the taste buds wanting more.

The best part of this airline is that they have a lot of options on their menu. You can ask for a healthier combination of dishes if you are health conscious.

Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth
Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth


Nonetheless, if you like to have your fun while eating, you can also dive all in ask for their extra delicious dishes. Plus, one will get to drink the world famous Singapore Sling cocktail on this flight.

Thai Airways

Another Asian airline on the list is Thai Airways. This airline is famous among the celebs and many famous chefs for its delicious Asian food.

Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth
Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth


Their ambience and Asian noodles with broth are the two most famous things of this airline. The food they serve on the flights is also very light which plays well for you.

Who wants to puke a ton of food with jetlag, right?

Australian Airlines

Now, this one can be little controversial, some people plainly love the food served by this airline and some people feel it is, well, irksome.

So, you will actually have to try it yourself to judge what Australian Airways has to offer. Till then, believe us.

Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth
Tastiest Flights On Planet Earth


The airlines’ food is prepared by DO & CO caterings which is the best in the business. The highlight of the Australian Airlines’ menu is their coffee.

They have 11 different types if Aussie Meini coffee and one cannot ask for anything else better than this, while traveling a long distance.

Alas, this offer is just available for business class passengers.

Qatar Airlines

Do you too judge an airline’s food from its chefs? Qatar is your ideal match. The lavish airlines from Mideast have a star-studded chef lineup.

Nobu Matshuhisa, Vineet Bhatia, Ramzi Choueizi and Tom Aikens are the names if you were wondering about the celebs.

As per rumors, this taste king quartet has spend several months together and then came up with extra delicious dishes, keeping the fading taste bud with elevation in mind.

So next time you visit a travel agency ask them to book your flight with Qatar.