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The Secret Of Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Home!

The Secret Of Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Home!
The Secret Of Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Home!
The Secret Of Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Home!
The Secret Of Choosing A Perfect Rug For Your Home!

Few elements of home décor are as important as transformative, yet fear of inducing them in the home, like a rug.

Rugs can bring style and comfort to your home and can also alter the overall experience of the space. However, simply having them in the room is not enough. You should know how to coordinate them with the rest of the décor, texture, color, and materials in the room. You have to consider texture, color, size and all other variables to compliment them with the existing décor. After all, one wrong or expensive choice can kick off the entire room balance and can make it look shabby.

If you are looking for a carpet or rug that will complement your living room, here are few tips to help you pick the best:

Functionality Of The Space Is A Must:

Before hunting for the rug, think of your personal style and décor and then make a decision. Ask yourself:

  • How do you want to see your living room?
  • What’s your preference: glamour or comfort?
  • Are you looking for a carpet or rug to hide wear and tear?
  • How do you spend your time in the room?

Think Of Rug Fibers, When Making A Choice:

Fibers are more like a technical side of the rugs and carpets that you should consider when selecting the best rug. Some of the common fibres are:

  • Wool: if you are looking for durable carpets, wool should be your preference. They are warm and help in insulating the room, especially in the winter. Also, wool is easy to clean and is also flame resistant. However, if you are looking for a rug that is perfect for the spills like wine and juice, wool is not the one.
  • Semi-Wool: Semi-wool rugs help in reducing shedding and also keep the rug in shape, even when the wool start wrapping. These rugs are quite durable and are ideal for the areas with heavy foot traffic. Further, mixing wool rugs with materials like polyester, polypropylene and nylon are affordable alternatives to the wool rugs.
  • Polyester Rugs: Polyester materials don’t fade easily and are also water and stains resistant. While these rugs blend with other fibers, they have a wool-like appearance.
  • Jute Rugs: They are natural fiber rugs and make the perfect addition to the room that offers rustic feels. These rugs come in various styles and can easily compliment any space.
  • Sisal: When it comes to choosing a rug for high traffic area and areas with lots of footfall, sisal fibres are the best. However, they stain quickly and are difficult to clean.

Goldilocks Rugs Are Ideal:

Selecting the right size rug is quite difficult! While oversized one can be quite overwhelming and can easily dwarf the space, the small size rugs or carpets will make the room untidy and unfinished. The reason you need a rug that will perfectly fit the space and will accentuate the space.

Selecting the right size rug will also make the décor look structured and will anchor the space perfectly. Therefore, the rule for finding the right size rug is shopping for the one that would perfectly accommodate the seating area, then the whole space.

Consider Your Preferences And Trends:

One of the easiest ways to select the ideal rug for your space is by considering trends and your preferences.  If you want to:

  • Bring The Coastal Vibe With The Vivid Blue Colored Rug: Create a beach-inspired space with the blue, coastal rug. Pick the light neutral colors like white, gray or beige, or go for the soft prints and Florals to give your room a perfect makeover.
  • The Boho Vibe: If you want to bring the boho vibe in your room, go for the bright colored rugs and give your home an instant transformation. Bright colors are ideal for all spaces and are also easy on the eyes.

One of the easiest ways to add visual interest and dimension in your room is including rugs or carpets in the space. Whether you want to bring patterns or you want to inject colors in the space, a rug is ideal for it. while choosing the one can be a tricky task, the above technicalities can help you choose with ease.