The Top Earphones For Any Budget In 2019

The Top Earphones For Any Budget In 2019
The Top Earphones For Any Budget In 2019
The Top Earphones For Any Budget In 2019
The Top Earphones For Any Budget In 2019

If you know which pair of earphones you are looking for, then it won’t be that hard to look for it. There are so many earphones available online as well as in the market and the search for it can become a bit intriguing especially when you have so many of them, but if you have set your budget then some sort of searching ends right there for you. Nowadays earphones don’t cost you that much and neither do you need to shed a lot of money. Exceptionally good earphones are now available at as low as Rs. 2000. Yes, you heard it right. Today we are going to tell you about the best 6 earphones which will not just sound good but will be budget friendly too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, shall we?

Sennheiser CX 275 S

This earphone may not be the prettiest of all but is definitely the best sounding earphones. If you enjoy the high bass and power dynamic in your speakers, then this is certainly the one. It produces phenomenal sound even if you put it in the highest volume. Good frequency ranges, awesome highs and lows, what else can you look for? It weighs just 15 grams, so not heavy at all and the main part even if you wear it for a longer duration, it won’t cause pain to your ears. So, at just Rs 1600 isn’t this the value for money earphone?

OnePlus Bullets V2

Who isn’t aware of OnePlus right, they make some marvelous phones and we all have witnessed the amount of craze for the OnePlus phones. But what many aren’t aware that OnePlus also make excellent earphones as well which are budget-friendly and sounds good. The flat wire and chamfered edges make this earphone a classic and stylish one which can’t be ignored. The plus point about the flat wire is that it doesn’t get tangled. Buy this earphone at just Rs. 1200.

Sony MDR-XB55AP Premium

Now, who doesn’t want to buy a Sony earphone? After all, they came into the market with a bang, changing the quality of sound systems. Everyone had a huge crush on this brand and even now people enjoy Sony’s good sound system. To have this one below Rs.2000 is certainly a good thing and you can buy it from shopclues using the shopclues coupon codes. If you are someone who likes that extra thump, then you are certainly going to love it. No matter what kind of music you are into, Sony MDR-XB55 AP will make it sound even better. If you want to enjoy good sound and want to be a part of your music then don’t think once, just go for it. This one will cost you Rs. 1952.

JBL T205 Pure Bass Metal

JBL has been known to deliver good quality sound and this one is no different. You can wear this earphone for hours and not feel any kind of pain in your ears because of its metal ear-housing. It reduces external noise, provides great bass and awesome sound clarity. JBL T205 comes with flat wire, which means no tangling, it is lightweight, compact and also extremely comfortable. You can also use this to talk to people and can reject or accept calls as well. One device and it solves two problems. Buy this at just Rs. 1200.

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2

If you enjoy experimenting with earphones, then Skullcandy Smokin’ 2 Buds are the one to go for. Their transparent eardrum makes it look extremely unique. Use it once and then see the difference. It does a superb job in canceling noise. Along with that, it produces very good sound quality as well. There is one more thing which makes this earphone really unique, made with the moisture-resistant material it lets your earphone stay just the way it is even if you sweat like a pig. Wear it while jogging, walking, and exercising. You can buy it at just Rs. 1699.

Brainwavz Delta

Let us now talk about Brainwavz Delta, it looks good and also produces mind-blowing sound quality. The metal eardrums make it look really beautiful. You will be able to identify each and every sound of your soundtrack properly especially the instrumental sounds. There are only a few earphones available in the market which makes music sound better and they are one of them. Enjoy extraordinary bass and audio quality. Buy it using Flipkart coupons. You can have this one at just Rs. 1999.

So, here are our top 6 earphones which you can buy without causing holes in your pocket. Whatever your choice is and budget is, go through our list from top to bottom and then choose the one you like the most.