The Women Police And The Law Enforcement

The Women Police And The Law Enforcement
The Women Police And The Law Enforcement

The gender-sensitive policing are nowadays being followed in every field. Measures are being taken to strengthen the role of women in the law enforcement as well, and it is being welcomed with total enthusiasm all over.

The women have been the part of the policing since the starting of the 20th century, but their role was confined mainly to the women issues and the women cells in particular. Though the nature and the abilities are known to differ among the men and the women, but both of them are capable of handling their job with efficiency. The only difference lies in the techniques that they choose to use. Over the decades, the women have managed to prove their capabilities and their need in the law enforcement agencies.

In the past few years, the law enforcement agencies have seen a gradual rise in the women officers and the reasons for the same have been stated below.

Better At Community Policing

As women are known to be more competent in the community policing, their role in the community appraisal is being recognized the world over. The women are very good at building up the ties and familiarizing with the community members. This attitude helps the people build up confidence in the police and thereby, they come up with their issues more openly. A connection between the servers and the people being served is quite essential for the proper functioning of the law enforcement bodies.

More Women And Children Are Being Addressed

The Women Police And The Law Enforcement
The Women Police And The Law Enforcement


The majority of women is hesitant to speak up for their rights and is confined to the peripheries of their homes. The women police officer recruitment is a way forward to address such problems that are bothering the women. The comfort of talking to the same gender is always unmatchable.

The rape cases, domestic violence, trafficking, etc. earlier being unreported are now coming up in the open, partly due to more women police force to give the suffering women the courage to speak up and stand up for oneself.

Better Communication Skills – The Better Problem Addressed

There are some cases where the torture and the aggressive measures are not required. In such cases, the communication plays a vital role and women are gifted with this art at large. Also, the communication skills help formulate the questions in varied forms to understand the state of mind of the aggrieved as well as the criminal.

The women are said to be opting lesser aggressive policies, the reason is that they prefer to follow other measures that work more efficiently for solving the cases and torture for them is the last resort.

Women For The Welfare Activities

The different kinds of women-specific training cells and workshops are organized across the globe. The women and children in particular need motivation to go for them. That motivation is derived from the women in police as well as other such challenging fields.

The women can understand the mindsets of other women and children in a better way and thereby, their role in influencing thoughts and actions is of prime importance. The self-defense classes are being taken up by the women police force that provides desired boost to the security improvement.

Today is the time to put the crime on halt by the amalgamation of the men and women police force. Both are important in their own way for the empowerment of society as a whole!