Three Reasons to Choose Rentals in Marina Del Rey

More people are choosing rentals in Marina del Rey than ever before. This popular community is one of the best options for luxury rental housing in Los Angeles County. The prime location plus access to a popular beach community are just part of the reasons why people like this area.

A unique location

Beach cities in Los Angeles County are always popular choices for housing. The median price for housing in many of these communities is well above other areas of the county simply because of demand. Rentals of all kinds often are filled very quickly in many beach towns so people that find a promising unit may not want to wait too long to sign a lease.

The climate in beach towns is milder than in other areas of the county. It can be hot and dry in other areas but because of the sea breeze, beach towns are cooler and more comfortable. This encourages people to get out and about so beach cities are often places to find interesting restaurants and nightlife. Many of these communities are ones that it is easy to walk to different features.

Luxury rentals available

People in this price point are looking for luxury properties. They want space, good design and lots of amenities. There are quite a few properties that have these features and many of them are like living in a private resort year round. People will find a good range of recreational features as well as social calendars for parties and events of all kind at the complex. This kind of lifestyle also tends to have features that aren’t normally found in other kinds of properties such as concierge service.

Apartments give people more free time in general because there is never any maintenance to be done. This allows people to have more free time to devote to boating, socializing or other things that they enjoy.

Unique features

Many of these units have expansive views of the water, the beach or marina as well as city views. People are willing to pay premium prices for many of these simply because they are so unique and hard to find in other areas.

There are also complexes that are within walking distance of various marinas. For anyone that enjoys pleasure boating and has a boat, this is the perfect arrangement. This puts them close to the boat and makes it possible to take it out frequently for a variety of purposes.

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