Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business

Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business
Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business
Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business
Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business


In this era of online and digital marketing, some companies still make use of banner signs to advertise their business. Using banner signs is a traditional way of marketing but have you ever wondered why businesses still use them.  It is because they are still useful and offer great exposure to your business.

Banner signs if designed correctly and made effectively can offer to help you to communicate your brand and advertise products/services to potential customers. However, you need to make your banner signs highly effective and noticeable. This post shares some tips to create effective banner signs for your business.

Banner Sign Placement

Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business
Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business

Although it seems irrelevant to put this point in the first place, the placement of your banner is essential. The design and graphics of your signs depend on the placement of your banner. The design and colour of your text and graphics should be in contrast with the background where you want to install your banner. It makes your banner sign visible to the viewers.

Graphics & Images

It is essential to use high-quality graphics and images in your banner advertisement to make it attractive to the viewers. High quality not only means bright colours and text, but the viewers should be able to get the message in a glance. Images can be the focus of your banner, so it’s important to use unique and attractive models that people usually never see. Some businesses use a picture that can deliver the message and communicate emotion without the need of text or other elements.

Choose The Right Colours

Every colour has its meaning and significance. You can use the tone that is relevant to your brand image, product, service and the emotion you want to evoke in the viewers. If you have already chosen your brand colour, use it in the advertisement as it can communicate your brand as well your product or service. It is essential to use other colours in contrast with the tone of your brand so that the viewers know about the product/ service as well as your brand.

Text Size, Font, & Colour

The text size and font play a vital role in communicating the message to the viewers. The colour of the text should be in contrast with the brand colour and other colours in the advertisement. Moreover, the size should not be too small or too large. It should be readable according to the distance between the viewers and banner.

You need to check from the place of the viewer which size and colour of the text are most visible and readable. Moreover, use a simple font that everybody can read easily from a distance. It is essential to keep the test short and straightforward that enables the viewers to understand it within 2 to 3 seconds. The text should deliver a message that can evoke emotion to attract the viewer to buy or product/service.

Include The Information

The advertisement should be able to communicate the message and contain the necessary information. For example, if you are advertising a product or service, your banner sign should have the contact details and address of your business where the customer can approach. Moreover, it is essential to include the digital information like your website URL, email address and URL of your social media pages.

If you are living in Brisbane and you have to design new business signs, Hidesign sign writers Brisbane helps you. If your banner sign is small in size, it might not be possible to include so much information in the advertisement. It is better if you can add your QR scan code in the ad so that the potential buyers can scan the code with their smartphone and obtain more information about your products and business.

Communicate Your Brand

Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business
Tips To Create An Effective Banner Sign For Your Business

A brand is the most crucial element that every business should communicate in their advertisement. It is essential to include an image, text or colour associated with your brand. For example, Coca-Cola expresses its brand through red colour while Pepsi does it through blue colour.

Communicating the brand is especially important for new business as people don’t know much about it. You can advertise your brand through a logo, colour, image or tagline that you should not change soon. Once people know your brand, they can recognise your business and its products or services through your brand.


You should install sufficient lights on your banner signs to make them visible in the night. The banner signs without lights can advertise only in the daytime. On the other hand, a sign with lights can promote your business 24 hours a day. Lighting is essential if you are advertising in a city where there is significant night traffic.

Final Words

The points in this post are the best tips to create a useful banner sign for your business. Whether you want to develop Billboards, vinyl banners or mesh banners for a construction site fencing, these tips can help you to design an effective advertisement that can attract potential customers. Creating the banner signs by considering these tips combined with good quality products, and customer services can do wonders for any business.