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Tips to design an office layout

Are you planning to open an office? If yes, then you need to consider several factors. Ranging from the budget to selection of office space, you have to be careful about every aspect. Also, office layout is an important area to consider. Just make sure that you finalize an office layout that meets with your office goal.

You need to choose an office space that can comfortably accommodate your employees  along with the office furniture. The office space should be roomy and not look crowded with all office equipments. It should preferably have a good ventilation system. It should be quiet that helps the employees to work better.

Once you have selected the office space, you need to select the office furniture. Again, do not shop for the furniture unless you have not measured the office space. Start by first buying the basic office   furniture – desk, chair and cabinets.  If you have a high budget, do not go for simple office furniture. Rather opt for the modern sleek ones. Remember that good office furniture will create a good impression to the employees and to your clients as well.

Once you have finished buying the office furniture, move to the office technology. Ranging from the simple photocopier to fax machines and computers, you will need all of them in your office. Invest in a good quality printer, scanner and telephone also.

Remember that you will have to use cable grommets for the electric cables and wires of the computer. For information on metal cable grommet, visit www.gromtec.co.uk

You will need internet and telephone connection to carry out your daily office operations. Other than these, you will require water and electricity supply. Make sure that you have all these provisions before you start the office.

The overall office layout needs to be carefully planned. You need to arrange the office furniture so that it encourages the work flow. Make sure that there is ample walking space between the bays. Basic tips to follow:

Put the telephone within the easy reach of the employee

The printer and scanner should be near to the computer

Arrange all the storage units like office cabinets together in one section

Note: do not ignore the electrical outlets when you arrange the office furniture. In addition, also take into account the natural light, coaxial cables and ventilation system.

Be careful about the lighting fixtures you install in the office. Remember that the office lighting should be strategically placed to give maximum light to all the employees.

Moreover, allow natural light to come in the office. Do not block the natural light throughout the day in the office.

It is highly important that you understand the purpose behind the office layout. For instance, some companies emphasize upon aesthetic beauty in their office arrangement. On the other hand there are companies who wish to maximize their work productivity through their office layout.

Some companies consider their client impression while designing the office space. Thus, it is advisable that you determine your office purpose before you start your office layout.