Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali – IELTS coaching in Mohali are on the high level. The exam of IELTS is fast picking pace across all over the world. Lets talk about Mohali, we have lots of good coaching centres that provide IELTS classes in Mohali and students from far away regions come over here to get training in IELTS. There are many IELTS institutes but choosing the best is what everyone wants.

Here are the Best Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

1st Out of the Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

Aptech Learning

Aptech Learning in Mohali is basically an aviation training institute, they offer a slew of skill courses in other fields as well. A quality aviation training institute in Mohali, dealing in various aviation courses like Cabin Crew, Hospitality Management, Grassroots Management etc. A premier and renowned training institute since its formation and with an acclaimed international presence. It is one of the finest and best faculty for aviation programs along with a pre-requisite for any aviation training program like computer labs, simulated aircraft and projectors etc. They also provide ancillary services in addition to aviation training programs, for example, swimming is an important part of any cabin crew job.

They also offer other skill courses such as international language test preparation, computer and networking etc. The study material for Aptech Learning’s aviation training programs is the best in the industry. They keep their curriculum updated with the latest industry updates and trends thus ensuring the latest and best training to their students. One of the key features of Aptech Learning is the assurance of on-the-job placement assistance along with holistic grooming and communication skills.

Contact Details of Aptech Learning

Address: SCF-124, First Floor, Phase 3B2, Mohali (Near Dominos Pizza), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  098555 48333


2nd Out of the Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

IELTS Oracle

Mohali is emerging as an IELTS destination and one of the best institutes here for IELTS preparation is IELTS Oracle. With good infrastructure and peaceful location, this institute boasts of excellent student results. The trainers here are qualified, experienced, trained and work with great dedication to achieve the required band score for the success of the candidates.

Small batches, detailed study material and mock tests ensure that a candidate acquires the necessary English skills to score well in all the 4 modules of IELTS. For your convenience, they also provide coaching classes in the early morning and late evening. Apart from IELTS, they also offer classes for PTE and Spoken English.

Contact Details of IELTS Oracle

Address: SCF – 36, 3rd Floor, Phase 2, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: :+91 83601 34582



3rd Out of the Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

British Career Group

British Career Group, Mohali is a leader in providing the best IELTS coaching near me and test preparation to its clients across India. We have British Council trained staff members drawn from years of IELTS teaching experience and our students have scored up to 9 bands in Listening, 8.5 Bands in Speaking, 8.0 Bands in Writing and up to 9 Bands in the Reading module . .

The British Career Group IELTS Center has been authorized by the British Council to book IELTS exam dates for our clients and to receive study materials and CDs for the listening section for reading and writing them. We have a good computer lab to prepare listening modules and other sections for our students apart from adequate arrangements to prepare the students for CB IELTS exam. We have many immigrant students who have obtained a band greater than 7 in all four modules to qualify for Australian immigration and many clients have received a full 16 for Immigration to Canada.

Contact Details of British Career Group

Address: SCF – 54, 2nd Floor, Sector 61, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160061, India

Business Phone Number:  +91-9988922775

4th Out of the Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali

British Counsel

British Counsel in Chandigarh is one of the major occupations of IELTS institutes. Known for student visa assistance, institutes for IELTS, visa assistance for Australia, English speaking institutes for distance learning and much more. British Council has established itself as one of the reputed IELTS institutes in Mohali. British IELTS, Mohali prepares students and candidates to take the IELTS exam. Regular practice sessions, extensive question bank and latest study material help students to crack the IELTS exam.

Contact Details of British Counsel

Address: SCF 74 Phase 3B2 Mohali, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0172 501 3477

5th Out of the Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in Mohali


The institute, which spearheads IELTS Chandigarh, is undoubtedly one of the leading visa consultants and IELTS training center to always grace the tricity. The institute has grown tremendously in a short span of time with its huge population among the students to redefine international exam training and visa services. Under the leadership of Mr. Abhishek Bhaskar, this Visa cum IELTS training institute in Mohali has become a leading force in international examination services with its leader at the core of everything. Mr. Bhaskar had completed his MBA from the University of California and thus acquired and strengthened the skills of a leader. Under the leadership of Mr. Bhaskar, this mentor cum IELTS training centre, Spearhead Chandigarh has delivered some tremendous results over the years with an exceptional percentage of 95% for SDS and 80% for non-SDS. The above results have shown not only the skills of the management dedicated but also their teaching expertise. Here at Spearhead IELTS, you will find two sections of specialization, one handling counseling services and the other providing international exam coaching. People from all walks of life come here for services like PR counselling, overseas-college-admission and IELTS training as it is one of the trusted centers in Mohali and one of the few certified consultants by IDP Australia, British Council and Punjab Government Is.

Contact Details of Spearhead

Address: SCF 71, 2nd and 3rd Floor, Phase 3B-2, Mohali, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number:  +91-7710617777

What is IELTS?

IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is the world’s most popular high-stakes English language test. For the past 25+ years, it has been a leader in testing the 4 skills of the English language. Even today, it has set the benchmark for English language proficiency. Many organizations accept IELTS scores as proof of English. In India, IELTS can be taken at more than forty places.


IELTS is a test that grades a person’s expertise and proficiency in the English language. IELTS tests all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS Speaking Test is an instant interview with a certified examiner. IELTS has been recognized and accepted by many institutions as the standard international testing system for English language proficiency.

IELTS Exam Format

IELTS is a test of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. You’ll take all listening, reading and writing tests one after the other, with no breaks in between. For speaking test, you can book online slot on your preferred date and time. If you fail to select the slot within the stipulated time, a slot will be allotted to you automatically. The total test time is less than three hours.


You have to listen to four recordings and then answer the questions asked. The recordings are of native English speakers and the duration of the test is 30 minutes.


The IELTS Reading Test requires you to answer 40 questions and is designed to test you on an array of reading skills. You have to read to find out the essence, main idea, description, logical reasoning, skimming and viewpoints, opinions and intentions of the authors.


The IELTS writing test requires you to complete two tasks and cover topics of general interest depending on the modules you are taking.


IELTS Speaking Test assesses your spoken English skills. The test is recorded and conducted in three parts.

Benefits of IELTS Exam

Develop English language skills

The IELTS test measures your language abilities in the four core communications which includes the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. During your IELTS online review sessions; you will learn various study tips that will help enhance your English language skills.

Accurate knowledge of your English skills

By taking the IELTS test, you will already have to apply your English knowledge as if you were in an everyday situation with native English speakers. Your English language skills are assessed objectively.

Vast career opportunities

Passing IELTS exam results in a worldwide recognized certification. Many government agencies, universities, employers and other institutions accept IELTS test results and recognize the importance of the certification you receive in order to pass. It is accepted by over lots of organizations in over 135 countries for education, immigration and business purposes.

Fulfill future goals in life

IELTS exam helps you to set clear goals and motivates you to study harder. It is not easy to study hard, or wait until the last minute when you lack clear objectives and goals. With IELTS exam, goals are clearly defined, so it helps to motivate you for daily study, which also improves your English skills.

IELTS for study

If you are interested in studying abroad, remember that many universities around the world and all universities and colleges in the UK accept IELTS test results. Tier 4 student visa applicants can apply to universities in the UK with IELTS results from any of 1,000 IELTS test locations worldwide, unless the institution has additional requirements. Some universities act as local agents on behalf of the British Council, ensuring the organization and delivery of IELTS exams.

If you are considering an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program, you must take the academic IELTS test. The general training IELTS exam is sufficient for programs that do not award degrees. Find your chosen college or university and check out the version of IELTS that is right for you.

IELTS for work

Providing proof of your language proficiency is an important step in obtaining a visa so that you can work abroad. Language skills are the key to career success, and are considered a valuable asset in addition to all the other requirements of any job. If you are a work visa applicant, you will need to acquire either ‘competent’ English or ‘business’ English language skills, which means you will need to be prepared for more than basic conversational English.

  • In the UK, applicants must score at least 6.5 on each of the four components of the test reading, speaking, listening and writing.
  • To work in Australia, a test score of 5 is considered a Business English level. A band score of 6 means that the applicant is a competent English speaker.
  • In New Zealand, work permit applicants must achieve an overall band score of 4 or higher in the IELTS general or academic module. They may also provide additional evidence of their English language abilities, such as information about the current country in which they live, or their family’s knowledge of English.
  • In Canada, applicants should contact the organization to which they wish to apply for IELTS score requirements directly. Employers and educational institutions generally set their own language requirements.

In all of these countries, you should keep in mind that the minimum score requirements vary depending on the occupation you choose. For some occupations, applicants must obtain a minimum of 6 in each test module, while for teachers, for example, a minimum of 7 is required.

IELTS for immigration

Government agencies use the IELTS test as part of their application processes to obtain citizenship or the right of permanent residence. They see language proficiency as strongly related to people’s ability to integrate into the community and workplace. The IELTS test is accepted by immigration authorities and continues to play an important role in using language assessment as a means of controlling immigration numbers.

IELTS Band Scoring

All IELTS scores are between 0 and 9. You can also get a .5 score (for example, 6.5 or 7.5). You will also find a band score and an overview band score for each skill (listening, reading, writing and speaking). The overall band score is the average score of all the skills.


Here are the Best Top 5 IELTS Coaching Classes in MohaliIELTS – International English Language Testing System is most popular around the world, with English speakers as a second language as show of their proficiency. The test material for IELTS has been developed by an international team of experts and undergoes extensive research to ensure that the test is non-biased and impartial for any student, regardless of nationality, background, gender, lifestyle or location lives. IELTS is jointly managed by the – British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia. It is designed to assess the English language ability of candidates who are required to study or work where English is used as the language of communication purposes.