Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh – As the number of businesses shifting their operations online has increased, so does the level of competition for providing web users with a variety of products and services.

Although the Internet is a huge marketplace, where you have the opportunity to reach a large population of users, you still need an effective strategy to achieve this.

Search engine optimization is one of the strategies you can use, however, it takes time to get results once it is implemented. One strategy that doesn’t take long is PPC – which is an acronym for Per Click Advertising.

PPC is a digital marketing method where digital publishers charge advertisers a fixed price whenever their banner ads are clicked online by web users. This model is a common advertising method for popular search engine platforms such as Google and Bing. Probably because PPC is about promoting your business or venture, its use is fast becoming a popular choice for small, medium and large businesses.

Here are the best Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

1st out of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

Gratis Soft Solutions

Gratis Soft Solutions is an emerging and vibrant company built with the vision of providing fair and measurable online success to its customers. In this age of competition, we have begun with the promise of solving the most challenging business problems with the power of IT in today’s age driven by technology.

Gratis Soft Solutions is providing digital marketing services in India as well as around the world. Our team of innovative and talented members specializes in Website Development and Designing, Graphic Designing, Online Online Content, Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Software Development.

Contact Details of Gratis Soft Solutions

Address: SCO -14, Second Floor Kalgidhar Enclave Zirakpur, Punjab, India 140604

Business Phone Number: +91 0172-6576070,(+91) 7087400802


2nd out of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

ThinkNext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company) is emerging as one of the most innovative companies in the field of education in India. The management of ThinkNext Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has over nine years of extensive experience in the field of education. Over the years, we have worked closely with universities, community groups and other organizations. We have extensive experience working with eminent educators, administrators, directors, principals, heads of departments, other staff members, parents and students. So we are not just selling software modules but an innovative system that is more important than just ERP software modules. Today smart campus solutions need time for every university/college group or organization to get ahead of others and maintain the lead over their competitors. Our research and development team is committed to helping your institute maintain its lead over its competitors.

Contact Details of ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

Address: S.C.F. 113, Sector-65, Mohali (Chandigarh), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 78374-01000, 78374-02000


3rd out of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

Ink Web Solutions

Ink Web Solutions is a professional website designing company operating in Chandigarh for the last 11 years. Our state-of-the-art and dynamic web development service Chandigarh is ideal for small and medium-scale projects with complex and special needs. We are Chandigarh’s leading e-commerce website designing company that ranks your business among the search engine leaders for high productivity and ROI. Ink Web Solutions works hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with high-quality work and timely delivery.

Contact Details of Ink Web Solutions

Address: SCO 58-59, 3rd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh (160022), Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: +91-78378-77136

4th out of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

The Creative Monk

The Creative Monk is a bespoke full-services digital agency in Chandigarh. We have a small team of enthusiastic young people at The Creative Monk, we not only build an online presence for our clients but also help them build an online reputation that pays a lot in the long run. We offer a complete package of not only online marketing but also visual, graphical designing and technical services to help you grow your brand. Our mission is to constantly strive to provide ROI-driven marketing strategies while at the same time educating our customers at every stage of their campaigns. To stay ahead of the curve, we constantly train ourselves as a team. This allows our customers to trust us securely, knowing that their campaign is in safe hands.

Contact Details of The Creative Monk

Address: SCO 419, D&E Block, 4th Floor, Chandigarh City Centre, Zirakpur, Punjab, India 140603

Business Phone Number: +91-9463445566


5th out of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh

Solutions 1313

Solution 1313 is providing the best and reliable PPC services in Chandigarh to our customers across the globe. We are a certified digital marketing company based in Chandigarh with branches in India, Australia, Canada and the UK and are working towards the goal of becoming a top digital marketing agency with 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, our PPC experts in Chandigarh will work to take your project personally and create effective PPC strategies to drive sales to your business. In addition, we have long experience working in the SEO, web designing industry, and have been working successfully since our inception.

Contact Details of Solutions 1313

Address: SCO 54, 2nd Floor, Sec 82, JLPL, Airport Road, Mohali, Punjab, India, Postal Code 160055.

Business Phone Number: +91 92160-41313

What does a PPC management company do?

PPC management companies monitor their customers’ paid online advertising efforts. For those unfamiliar with the term, PPC means a wide range of pay-per-click and digital ad formats, from the search ads you see at the top of Google to the video ads on YouTube.

It is the job of a PPC company to manage online advertising campaigns for a variety of clients, to ensure that the right ads reach the right people at the right time, within a given budget.

In addition, by implementing conversion tracking to attribute phone and web leads to your PPC campaigns, and analyzing data related to your goals, PPC management companies can prove marketing ROI.

Each PPC company will approach account management differently. For example, some agencies may specialize in one platform, such as Google Advertising or Facebook, while others may manage ads on other platforms. Some companies can do more with account management, while others rely more on machine learning of a platform to lead changes and adaptations.

Ultimately, a company’s reach depends on their capabilities and resources, as well as the needs of the businesses they serve. However, while the approach may vary, all PPC companies offer a comprehensive service for managing online paid advertising campaigns.

Skills to Look for When Hiring a PPC Specialist

A PPC specialist is an important asset for a marketing campaign. PPC, which means pay-per-click, is a form of internet marketing that allows you to attract visitors to your website. You pay for every click that goes to your website. It can be much faster than earning them through various SEO practices. If you have a business that needs to grow and gain a wide range of customers, you will need to hire a PPC specialist. Before you can start recruiting, you need to understand some key points.

PPC Expert Values ​​Duties

A PPC expert can be seen as a master of business. These specialists are responsible for planning and optimizing your online advertising campaign. They can also assist you with the design, strategy, implementation, ad performance analysis and SEO of your PPC ad campaign. Never underestimate the challenges faced by a PPC expert. After all, running a PPC campaign requires a unique set of skills. A PPC company can play certain roles to help you deal with your advertising campaigns. These could be:

  • Keyword research is used to understand how people search for products and services. There is a constant need to continue and research current trends.
  • Landing page design is important for PPC because first place your audience will see. Therefore, it can be seen as your first shot at impressing them.
  • Monitoring trends can be seen as another job. Because technology and trends are always on the move, we need to keep up to date with all of them.

Take skills to discover when hiring a PPC specialist

A PPC specialist should have a wide range of skills if they are to help you succeed in your advertising campaign. These skills will need to cover the margins from analysis to creativity. If you are on the market to hire your next best PPC specialist, here are eight skills you should look for before hiring.

# 1 Strong analytical skills

A large part of the PPC project is spent on analyzing existing PPC campaigns. Therefore, the PPC specialist needs to have strong skills that will allow him to perform this task. These skills require strong mathematical and analytical knowledge. The specialist will need to handle a large number of numbers, data and statistics. This information is then used to improve many aspects of the campaign. Knowledge of Excel functions such as functions and pivot tables is essential for manipulating data.

# 2 Excellent time management and organization skills

PPC specialists need to be well organized. Solutions like good project management software can help you organize things in a timely manner. But before you can use a software solution for a time management crisis, the specialist must be inside to schedule a time. If experts cannot use their time effectively, your PPC campaign is bound to fail. Most PPC specialists make to-do lists for themselves. Others may have weekly planners they refer to.

# 3 Passion for work

Love of work can make or break your project. If a specialist is not passionate about his work, delays and hiccups will appear from day one. However, in most cases, PPC experts will be motivated when it comes to online advertising. This is a good way to tell if a PPC expert is passionate about their work, ask them to talk about their past projects. The excitement when it comes to current or past campaigns, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

# 4 Technology

PPC gurus need to know more than simple online advertising campaigns. The specialist will need an understanding of redesign code, tracking code, tag management and many other technical skills. With these skills, they can provide you with the effective PPC management you are looking for. Experience in JavaScript and HTML are all important technical aspects of PPC campaigns. Any PPC specialist must have some experience in these areas.

# 5 Creativity is a must!

Einstein was right when he said that imagination and creativity are more important when it comes to knowledge. To grow your audience, you’ll need to create targeted and attractive ads that online users are likely to click on. This is where a creative PPC expert can help. The PPC specialist of your choice requires the ability to create targeted ad copies that can be clicked by a researcher.

# 6 All knowledge

The knowledge of PPC experts should not end with expertise related to advertising. A PPC campaign should integrate well with other aspects of your business. Therefore, it is important to hire a PPC specialist who has the necessary knowledge of business goals, customer intentions and the company as a whole. This is after fully understanding all the aspects mentioned above, and then some, expert ad copy can create keywords, placements, keywords and display ads.

# 7 Mutual communication skills

PPC specialists need to have excellent oral and written communication skills. These skills are used to connect with customers and different members of the digital marketing team. Without proper communication skills, important details can be missed which can lead to catastrophic errors and setbacks in the project. These communication skills also need to be mutual. The PPC expert of your choice may have a good command of written and spoken communication, but if he is not a good listener, expect trouble. PPC campaigns require teamwork, and it’s not an individual job. The worst communication skill for you is to delay your project, which can cause significant damage to your business.

Why do you need a PPC company and what can it do to grow your business?

Any time and any business will need the help of a PPC company to set up your advertising campaigns effectively, efficiently, manage them and change or modify them if needed. The reason I am telling you that you will need the services of a PPC company is that it is one of the most indisputable aspects and ways to grow your business online. If you sell your offers through online platforms, you will see a literal increase in your revenue and increase in brand recognition. You can now do wonders with PPC advertising.

However, when it comes to PPC management, there are always some options open to you. You can either hire a PPC professional for your business team and he has to come to the office every day and do the necessary work as per your suggestion, you can also outsource your entire PPC needs a project to a PPC company which will take care of it. I will reach out to you with detailed and easy-to-understand reports about everything and the efficiency of your sponsored advertising campaigns.

Although both options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, there are a number of things that can be done to help a PPC company cater to your needs. Well, this article focuses on answering questions like why you need a PPC company and how it will grow your business.

So if you are looking for similar answers then you should read this article till the end. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started now so that you can relax by answering all your questions.

1- To save your time

You should consider hiring a PPC company as you want to save a lot of time and invest it in more important aspects of your business growth and expansion. As a business owner, you are already running in a very short time because you have to handle and manage a lot of things yourself. Therefore, they will be surprised if they are burdened with the responsibilities and complexities of setting up, managing, and reporting ad campaigns. In such cases, it is highly advisable to outsource all your PPC needs to a PPC company. Not only will this save you a lot of time but it will also save you time on something more complex and important from your business perspective.

2- To get positive results

The sole purpose behind sourcing your PPC campaigns is to maximize your returns and reach a competitive level. We’re just working hard so you can get positive results for your business. Hiring a PPC company will guide you in your journey of maximum return. They also have experience learning how to create and allocate a budget for it, as well as what bidding strategies you should use to get the best leads and conversions for your business. This will also reduce waste if there is scope for any.

3- To save money

It is important to manage your funds effectively. Google AdWords is one of the platforms that help you get the set of results you need and at no cost to you. At the same time, the value of the money spent on it is one of the most important features and reasons why people take advantage of the power and potential of PPC advertising.

Plus, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target audience without having to spend dramatically on your advertising campaigns. Also, it is a fact that every dollar you invest in Google AdWords will give you an attractive return of $ 42.00. So, you can calculate and imagine what the real scope is. Also if you are already getting something amazing at the lowest price then you obviously don’t want to pay more against it.

4- To ensure accuracy and precision

In addition to the power to design your own campaigns, target a target audience, set your budget, bid strategies, etc., you also have the power to set up your own audience, budget, and bidding strategies. See results. Because these PPC advertising campaigns have the right approach and if the approach is right, it is bound to bring some beneficial results.

In addition, a PPC company knows exactly how to manage every aspect of it and how to optimize it for optimal and better results. PPC companies have been working for this for a long time and they know the platform inside and out. Not only that, they have devised strategies that will definitely attract the desired results.

A PPC company can do all the right things and give you reports that clearly establish that your campaigns work perfectly and you don’t really have to compromise on anything else. To help you understand a little more clearly, here is a list of tasks performed by PPC companies for you.

  • Keyword Search
  • Setting up a target audience
  • Identify and finalize the bidding strategy
  • Check out the different ad groups and versions for efficiency and results-based staff.
  • At regular intervals, monitor campaigns
  • Check campaigns for performance
  • Pause or edit campaigns if there are any deviations in the expected performance of the campaigns.
  • Prepare final reports and verify that they are delivered to customers.


A PPC specialist is one of the most valuable assets for your company. Just as each field requires an expert to handle specific tasks, PPC is no different. Without an expert to lead every step of your project, you will definitely get lost. To deal with PPC campaign management challenges, you will need to hire a PPC expert. The recruitment process doesn’t have to be ageing, nor should it break the bank for you. Using the skill criteria outlined above, you can hire a PPC specialist who will not only take your pay-per-click project to new heights but also take your business with it!

Hope you like the list of Top 5 PPC Companies in Chandigarh. You can choose any of these above given PPC Companies in Chandigarh for your study purpose. If you want any other information regarding this list then you can contact us or you can visit our official website.