Top 7 Tips for Popping the Question

There’s more involved when popping the question than simply dropping to one knee and saying a few words, you need to plan and prepare if you want to make her day by proposing – take a look at these helpful hints.

ways to pop up the question

1. Ask her mother, sister or friend to help you choose the ring

If you feel they can be trusted not to spoil the surprise before you propose, it’s actually advisable to ask her mother, sister or a close friend to help you choose the engagement ring if you’re struggling for ideas. They’ve no doubt had numerous conversations about weddings, rings and those kinds of things so they’ll have a better idea than you of the engagement ring she wants and it mightn’t be a diamond ring either.

2. Talk to her parents

Although asking her parents for her hand in marriage is a thing of the past in most countries and cultures, it will still go down well with her parents if you tell them of your intention to marry their daughter. Some parents may still expect to be asked, but even if they don’t they’re sure to think more highly of you for telling them of your intentions – she is their daughter after all.

3. Plan and prepare

Planning and preparing is essential for a marriage proposal, at least it is if you want your proposal to be successful, so give the occasion plenty of thought regarding the time and date, the location and what you’re going to do to make it as special as you possibly can. Furthermore, planning and preparing also reduces your chances of fluffing it – just imagine how many men find themselves tongue-tied when proposing.

4. Tell her why you want to marry her

It’s not enough to ask her to marry you – you should also tell her why you want to marry her. This isn’t a justification for your proposal, but rather a means to extend and prolong the moment as long as possible, and on that note don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the moment – this is a memory you’ll both want to have a record of for the rest of your lives.

5. Don’t make it public

Whilst it’s okay to propose in public, don’t however, make it a public proposal and don’t be one of those fools who proposes at a sports event – your lady probably won’t like being put on the spot in front of thousands of people, you’ll look like a fool and besides, it’s hardly very romantic is it?

6. Make it romantic

Whatever you do, make it a romantic proposal. Although you mightn’t be an overly romantic kind of guy, the occasion is more so about her and appealing to her than it is about you, so make the occasion a romantic one, one accompanied by a stunning engagement ring from a jeweler like thediamondstore. If you’re struggling for romantic ideas for the proposal, ask friends for ideas, or as was discussed in #1, talk to her mother, sister or a friend – they’ve probably had countless discussions about marriage, proposals and rings and will therefore be able to make suggestions.

7. Don’t propose too early

Proposing too early is a common mistake many men make and one that although understandable, should be avoided. Whilst there isn’t a set period of time that should pass before popping the question, you do however, have to bear in mind that asking your girlfriend to marry you is a very serious and important commitment, one that will change – for better or for worse – both of your lives forever.

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