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Toxins in your Body

Any element, chemical or pollutant that will in affect our bodies in a negative manner is referred to as a toxin. These elements may come from anywhere. For this reason, it is necessary that toxins be purged from our bodies in order to maintain wellness. There are numerous toxins that enter and reside inside our bodies everyday.

Air: Toxins found in the air we breathe usually come from cars as well as emissions from factories. There are also toxins that we get from smoking. Unfortunately, even if you don’t smoke, there are toxins inhaled from secondhand smoke.

Water: Hospitalization due to severe abdominal pain is not uncommon. Chances are, if it’s not food poisoning, a stomachache can be caused by the water you consume. In many cases, our drinking water is threatened by a myriad of toxins from heavy metals which when consumed, can cause major issues such as brain cancer, body mutilation, depression, and leukemia. In many cases, victims that suffer and experience the effects of toxic water are babies, young children, and travelers. Therefore, it is wise to always bring bottled water with you and you should only purchase water from well known brands.

Food: We often hear about people emotionally vocalizing their concerns regarding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To put it simply, GMOs are an approach to genetically altering the genes of plants and animals to make these organisms more resistant to pests and insects. While the resistance seems wise and simple, a significant number of studies have shown that the human body does not take kindly to GMO products. Some people have obtained severe diseases form consuming GMO products.

Pesticides and Insecticides: Farmers often use pesticides on their crops. Without a doubt, vegetables and fruits laced heavily with pesticides and insecticides have residues that if unwashed may ultimately result in poisoning – even a small amount of the residue is not good as it may also result in severe stomachaches. The possibility of finding mercury in the products is also a factor which can be the result of eating sushi and fish in excess. Therefore, it is highly encouraged for everyone to buy locally produced products that are organic to avoid any kind of toxin entering the body from laced produce.

With food, there is also that possibility of ingesting food dyes, food additives and chemical flavorings. All three can be easily spotted in the kinds of foods we eat. You can especially focus on junk foods and fast foods. The high incidence of allergic reactions as well as the increased severity and frequency of diseases now a days compared to previous times is another testament for how toxic most of our foods are becoming. There is no denying that the mortality and morbidity rates of this generation compared to the past is reflective of how people are more exposed to toxins. Ultimately, toxins can be found anywhere. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to understand and realize that we are all at risk and it is up to our actions and lifestyle to filter out the toxins that may affect our bodies.

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