Travel Insurance: To Get Or Not To Get, Is The Question

Travel Insurance To Get Or Not To Get Is The Question
Travel Insurance To Get Or Not To Get Is The Question

The world is full of insurance, what is not in here, which cannot be covered by one or another insurance claim? Probably nothing. From your pet to your car, to yourself! The insurance companies have policies for all.

So, when the already present policies are so confusing, do we really need another complicated policy?

When you book a flight, you get this option; you can pay 5%-7% of your package and get a travel insurance cover.

Most of the luxury vacation packages have this option available. The question which looms large here is whether to go for it or not.


  • Flight Cancelation: It is not a common sight, but it happens, sometimes it is bad weather, at others it is your plane’s engine etc. Now, you are stuck for one more day at your holiday destination. Travel insurance company covers this situation and your significant expanses of the day too.
  • Missing Flight: A traveller who never missed a connecting flight ever, is just a myth, no such thing exists in this world. Travel insurance covers this too. They will pay for your next ticket, your hotel room and the food.
  • Going on a crazy-fun vacation: Every once in a while, we all go for a crazy fun vacation, where we summon our hidden daredevil out and try some of the most daring sports, available. Now, no matter what people say it is great to have travel insurance in such scenarios.
  • You Just Have To Pay Once: Unlike other standard insurances, you won’t have to pay for it every month but only once. Also, travel insurance is not that expensive; it will cost you just around 5%-7% of your flight’s fare.


  • Already Have Insurance: Majority of the people already have various insurances, health, life etc. if you are one of them, then travel insurance is entirely useless.
  • Psychologically Not Ideal: When you need specific indemnities or guarantees while travelling to a foreign land just for a month, chances are you are betting against yourself. This can subconsciously make you weak and self-conscious.
  • Insurance Is NOT Assurance: Some people may get this psychological relief after getting travel insurance that they are free to take any risk, which is not ideal. Insurance is not the assurance that nothing will happen to you at all. As they say, hope for the best, but expect the worst.

Ending Note

Now, you possess the best possible information available regarding travel insurance; it is up to you whether to get it or not. Where some may think it is a wastage of money, others will take it as a much needed safety net, one need on an unusual land. Many travel agencies are now are providing travel insurances along European vacation packages, which is actually not a very deal. The insurance will be included in your package, and you won’t have to pay extra.