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    Traveling Tips For Differently Abled People

    Traveling Tips For Differently Abled People
    Traveling Tips For Differently Abled People

    Do you often avoid travel plans just because of your wheelchair? Well, this excuse can’t save you anymore.

    With enhanced technology and understanding of society, no place is off limits for you. You have every right to enjoy the thrill and fun of long journeys, all around the globe.

    You may be differently abled, but you share the same problems, like any ordinary people. So, you also need preparation before you enjoy your journey.

    Call Ahead

    Special preparations are required, to provide you with all the comfort you need and prior notice will ensure enough time for it.  They can also help you with a direct flight to your destination.

    You should also consult your doctor for any specification for travel, and discuss it with the airline, before proceeding with your journey.

    Friendly Hotel

    Research and book your hotel in advance, there are far fewer rooms than differently-abled people. The hotels mostly have ramps, and specialised staff to deal with these situations. You can also tell them about any particular service you need.  You can also check if they can arrange transportation for you.

    Feel completely free to talk about your unique abilities and the motive of your trip. The only thing you need to avoid while making a booking is hesitation.

    Have A Backup

    Unfamiliar places come with unknown risks, therefore, need for help. Obtain a prescription of medicines and have an extra set of medication with you, as a backup. It is also preferable if you travel with some medical card or with a familiar person.

    You can also research your destination and make notes of all the addresses and phone numbers you need, the last thing you want is to get lost.

    Plan Your Get Around

    The airport and hotel can provide you with dedicated staff and ramps, but you still need to roam around.  You can search for various cab services and travel agents who can help you with scooter, bikes or cabs, and try to make a prior booking. It will be way better if your accommodation is in an accessible area.

    End Word

    The government provides you with all rights to be equal. The only thing that stands between you, and the awesome memories, is your thinking. Experience the passion for exploring the wonders of this beautiful world. Make new friends, and never hesitate in talking to a stranger, or asking for help, not everyone bites.

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