Want To Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: Check Out Here!

Want To Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: Check Out Here!
Want To Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: Check Out Here!




Want To Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: Check Out Here!
Want To Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: Check Out Here!


Fed up OST file corruption? Need to troubleshoot reasons for OST file corruption? Just dig in here and get your problem resolved.”

When a user needs to work offline due to a connection issue or by choice then OST file permits the user to work in offline mode. Basically, OST files are the copies of user mailboxes stored on Exchange Server.  The OST file helps to continue functioning even when the Exchange Cached mode is enabled. The OST files work in the offline mode as the copy of the mailbox is available locally so that data can be accessed instantly. When the connection is restored, then OST file automatically syncs with Exchange Server mailbox to update data.

If the OST synchronization process is interrupted or suspended due to the weak internet connection then OST file turn corrupt. Moreover, there are other .ost file corruption causeswhich make the OST file inaccessible. The corruption issues disturb the user’s workflow and may also lead to data loss issue. Thus, in the blog, we are going to discuss the most common reasons which lead to OST file corruption with the suitable solution to fix them.

Categorization of OSTFile Corruption Causes

To make it easy for the users to understand, the OST file corruption reasons are divided into two different categories i.e. Hardware Reasons and Software Reasons. In this section, we are going to explain both hardware as well as software reasons which result in OST file corruption.

 Category 1: Hardware Reasons

Hardware issues can be created due to multiple reasons such as malfunctioning, inappropriate configuration or failure of an external component of the system. The components may include network connectors, hard drive, internal or external power unit etc. Some of the common reasons that affect the functionality of hardware devices are:


  • Bad Sectors on Hard Drive: It can be said that bad sectors on the hard drive are one of the major reasons for OST file corruption problem. It degrades the performance and affects the functionality of the hard drive. Moreover, it also causes corruption in OST files stored on the system.


  • Network Connectors cause Interruption: The issues arise due to improper functioning of the network routers, cards, cables, and other devices can affect the OST file functionality. This also leads to the failure of the synchronization process. Thus, it is recommended to check the network connections and devices are working accurately or not.


  • Affected Storage Device: Sometimes, storage device work slower, this can be due to faulty hardware or bugs. The unexpected performance of the storage device can be due to virus infection or malfunctioning of any component.


  • Sudden Power Outage: Sometimes, OST files corrupt due to unexpected power failure. In some cases, the machine also gets affected with excess power supply and results in OST file corruption.


Category 2:  Software Reasons

Due to logical inconsistencies and incompatibilities, software related problems occur. These problems are generally caused by virus infection, downloading the application, bug transmission from the fake or unreliable resources etc. In this section, software reasons which make OST corrupt are explained.


  • Improper Termination of Outlook: While closing the Outlook application, the user does not exit the application properly. This may result in OST file corruption problem and the file becomes inaccessible.


  • Incompatible Outlook Add-in: Sometimes, the real problem is associated with add-ins installed with Outlook. To resolve this issue, one has to disable COM add-ins from MS Outlook Option. For this, the user needs to select the Addins option and then click on Manage. The user has to disable add-ins one-by-one to identify the add-in creating the issue.


  • Maximum Storage Limit: When the OST file is about to reach its maximum storage limit then also its turns corrupt or becomes inaccessible.

Now, The Question Crops Up:

How to Eliminate Reasons For OST File Corruption: A Native Solution

To eliminate the OST file corruption issues the user can rely on OST Integrity Checker (ScanOST.exe). This is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft Outlook to troubleshoot the glitches of Exchange OST files. The ScanOST.exe tool permits the user to scan and repair the corrupt OST files by fixing the reasons for OST file corruption.

Unfortunately, the OST Integrity Checker is not available in the later Outlook version including 2010 and higher versions. However, the user can user Inbox Repair Repair in later MS Outlook versions to repair OST and PST files.

You Must Be Thinking!

Is It Safe to Work With OST Integrity Checker?

A user is always concerned about data protection and security factors while working with any utility. When it comes to OST Integrity Checker then it is associated with some limitations such as:

  • The tool is capable to fix only the minor corruption issues
  • Not available for Outlook 2010 and higher versions
  • Risk of data loss while working with the tool
  • Tyro user may face issue while working with OST Integrity Checker

What to Do Next?

Do Not Fear SysTools Exchange OST Recovery Is Here!

The user can eliminate minor as well as major OST corruption issues using Exchange OST  File Recovery software. The software is also capable to recover deleted emails from OST files. Moreover, one can also restore healthy OST data into multiple file formats such as PST/EML/MSG/HTML etc. One can also remove S/MIME and OpenPGP encryption associated with OST files by decrypting them via the software. To extract the selective items from OST files the user can apply date range filter. The software also maintains the email metadata such as message dates, read/unread status etc. The tool provides support for MS Outlook 2019/2016/2013 and all the below version. Additionally, no file size limitation and data loss issue are associated with the software. One can easily remove corruption issues via the software in a hassle-free way.

Finally, Discovered and Fixed Reasons For OST File Corruption!

Due to hardware or software improper functionality or faults, OST file is affected. As a result of which the OST file gets corrupt. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed the reasons for OST file corruption. we have also introduced an effective yet reliable way to troubleshoot all the corruption issues in OST in a seamless way. One can work with the Exchange OST Recovery utility without any security and data loss issues.