Web development companies and what they can do to help your business

Since the turn of the century, the human race has almost fully migrated to the internet due to the ease of access it provides to anything and everything. Gone are the days when people would have to travel thousands of miles to visit and see places or wait many months to send mail and letters to the other side of the world. Thanks to the internet, we are more connected than ever.

This newfound connectivity and ease of access have led to there is more than 4 to 5 billion men, women, and children being online and having access to the world wide web. This means that the net is the biggest marketplace of ideas, products, and services to ever exist, and if you ever want to participate in it, you will need a website or a webpage for whatever it is you offer.

Hiring a web development company is then your best course of action. Not only will they build you a brand new and functioning website, but they will also do other things like making a plan and then strategizing the kind of website as well as keeping it updated and maintained. Since this is vital to your business, you should know the trends to watch out for in web development.

What are all the new web development trends to watch out for in the year 2021?

Web development is an ever-changing field and with time, newer and better things are invented or discovered. This means that at any given time, there are going to be some new technologies trending due to their relative importance or novelty. So, the main trends in web development to watch out for in 2021 are:-

1.     Artificial Intelligence or A.I and Bots

In the upcoming future, machines are projected to do most of the work that humans today do. But machines have a lot of shortcomings when it comes to problem-solving and detecting patterns as well as solving complex puzzles that require out-of-the-box thinking. A.i is going to combat that by training neural networks and machine learning.

2.     Internet Of Things or I.O.T

The Internet of Things is when the millions and billions of devices such as computers, mobiles, desktops, cameras, and other machines interact, learn and work with each other over the internet without human input. This is going to be more of a thing with more reliance on artificial intelligence built into devices and their connection to the internet.

3.     Virtual Reality or V.R and Augmented Reality or A.R

People have begun incorporating virtual reality into their lives. Many modern games and applications can run entirely in V.R and for that, there are specialized devices that help them do so, such as the V.R headsets made by many different companies. A.R is when the existing reality is taken and virtual stuff is placed in it to make it look like just one.

4.     360 Degrees Videos

With the advent of 360 degrees cameras, people have begun to utilize the fact that at any given time, the cameras can record not just a specific scene with a specific angle of view, but the entire scene all around, front, back, and all sides as well as up and down. This gives more info and is a more immersive experience for the watchers and viewers.

5.     Voice Command and Optimization

Using your hands, fingers and touch is slowly being phased out for interaction through voice commands and spoken interaction. Though there is still some work to do due to the ongoing process of making the AI assistants learn to understand all types of human speech, it is so far a spectacular success with big companies like apple getting into it.

6.     Motion User Interface or M.U.I

The old-style static websites are no match for the new and fluid websites built using Motion User Interface due to just how interactive and immersive they are. It is easier to use as well as just more intuitive so people have been responding extremely well and it seems like more and more websites will be built according to MUI in the coming future.

7.     Accelerated Mobile Pages or A.M.P

Google introduced accelerated mobile pages, an open-source project that has the backing of many companies and businesses. It s designed to make pages loading faster and more responsive as well as cut down on time wasted while also needing less data transfer. It has succeeded and today, 8% of all pages on the entire internet use AMP.

8.     Push Notifications

People today have too many things vying for their attention so it is hard for companies and businesses to get their messages, offers, and promotions across to customers and visitors. Enter push notification. These are notifications, just like on a mobile phone, that respond to user behavior and send notifications of various things at just the right time.

9.     Browser Extensions

Back in the day, people used to install toolbars that would make life easier on the internet due to the amount of functionality they could cram into it. But they were too big, intrusive, and unspecialized. Today, browser extensions can be installed for almost anything you can imagine whether it is for news, spell-checking, sports, or the weather.

10.Blockchain Technology Application

The coming of BitCoin has revolutionized how we see things like currency, banking, finance, commerce, and cybersecurity. In the coming times, people are going to be implementing lessons and technologies learned and derived from the blockchain and that will bring about improvements in almost everything but with some added complexity.

11.GDPR and Web Security Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation is something promulgated by the European Union recently and it has huge effects on security, privacy, and how data regulation. To comply with them, many different websites and pages are updating their rules while also changing how they function, requiring the help of a good web development company.

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