What Are The Best Marketing Strategies For Exponential Growth In Your Business?

What Are The Best Marketing Strategies For Exponential Growth

What Are The Best Marketing Strategies For Exponential Growth

Deciding what to sell is easy! Getting and launching a website and driving traffic to it may also be a cakewalk for many of us!

The most difficult part, however, is – how to grow your business?

Let’s look at some staggering stats of the largest business, and I bet you’d be blown away by the figures they boast regarding their business growth. According to Forbes, Walmart – the world’s largest retailer, reported USD 482.13 billion revenue and USD 14.7 billion net income by the beginning of 2016.

Subway is close to having 45,000 restaurants, making it the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world. The Body Shop operates around 3,000 franchises worldwide, and it is the most popular skin care brand till date.

Impressive plus enviable, aren’t they? Much like these companies, many other giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Apple, are in the race of making record-breaking stats.

But the reality is they were not always the juggernauts they’re today. During the infancy of their businesses, they also belonged to the “small business” group.

Now, you may ask: what eventually made them break out of that group and change their destiny?

I believe you’re looking for inspiration now, right? This is what I am going to do here – Inspire you!

In this post, I’m going to uncover six proven marketing strategies for transformational growth of your business.

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Many marketers find it hard to believe that social media contributes tremendously to business growth.

Now think about it – we market our business to reach more and more customers? You have to be where your potential customers are, right?

Now, check out some stats:

These statements suggest that social media is the place where an incredibly large customer base exists.

In fact, popular social media platforms have become marketing giants, offering businesses a mostly free, incredible and faster way to reach more valuable customers.

Just keep three things in mind:

Keep measuring the results of your social media initiatives so that you can make required improvements in your marketing strategies down the road.

Start Email Marketing

Nearly, 91% of consumers check their emails daily. Around 66% of customers make online purchases initiated by emails only. There are about 3.2 billion email accounts worldwide.

Conclusively, email still has a very broad reach, and indulging in email marketing can bring huge exposure to your business.

Email marketing is a highly-targeted and cost-effective way of marketing your business. You can send the content via email that’ll highly interest your audience and motivate them to be your customer.

However, email marketing is not about composing creative emails to clients periodically. Your emails should educate your clients, should have something to offer them and must generate sales for you. So, your emails should be customized according to the audiences’ expectations and your business goals.

Best Part – you can write one email and send it to millions, billions of people in just one click.

Use automated marketing tools, such as MailChimp and GetResponse, to distribute your content fast, effectively and to a large number of customers.

Sending email newsletters to your opt-in email list is the best way to stay in contact with your clients all the time. It keeps your business on “radar,” and the chances are recipients will consider you first, whenever they require an item or service you offer.

Help Your Audience With FREE Resources

I believe this is another ‘cost-effective’ way to boost your sales. Yes, cost-effective!

Customers like ‘FREE’ stuff!

Use this fact to scale up your business by providing free and informative resources such as blog and intelligence tools on your website. These would cost you either nothing or very low!

Avail a dialog discussion, video and audio documents, or some free and useful tools for your visitors. This marketing procedure will draw in more visitors to your site in real-time and motivate them to convert to your customer.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

Roughly, 89% of the web users use search engines for making a purchase decision and to locate information. So, when designing your marketing strategies, search engine optimization is not an option, but a compulsion.

Also, nearly 90% browsers click on the top 3 positioned sites in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Moreover, high-ranking sites enjoy no pay per click charges, which means heaps of low-cost and high-value traffic to your site. A perfect SEO strategy can effectively achieve you all this.

Remember; never use shady search engine optimization practices, tricks or shortcuts. These may get you short-term results but will land you in hot water in the long term. You can’t take a shortcut for search engines. You have to put extra time and efforts to see the results.

When creating an SEO strategy, keep these things in mind:

  • Don’t spam your content or web pages with keywords. Instead, create your website and content for humans, not search engines. Most importantly, ensure that your content is engaging, unique and insightful to your visitors.
  • Use viable SEO campaigns that will position your site high in SERPs for the keywords related to your products and services.
  • Optimize your website by using keywords in Meta tags, headlines, URL, content and page titles. MAKE IT LOOK NATURAL!
  • Acquire inbound links from industry authority sites to ensure effective SEO of your website.

Brand Storytelling

We love stories from a very young age. Stories tap on our emotional nerve.

You can inject that magic of storytelling into your marketing to invoke an emotional response from your audiences.

You can tell your brand’s narrative via social media and crowd-sourced content, instead of newspaper advertising.

Your brand story should be a combination of what you say about your brand, plus what others are saying about it. Here are some proven tips well craft your brand story:

  • Make it a one- to two-liner statement and position it on all social media platforms you’re using.
  • Decide in advance your brand voice, and stick to it.
  • Break your mission and vision in a tangible manner that presents your values to your audiences.
  • Get a set of your key business messages and ensure that all your communication in underpinned by those messages.

Finally, keep it captivating, inspirational and meaningful to your audience. If you nail this, your customers and competitors will become your raving fans.

Utilize Affiliate & Associate Programs By Using Referral Marketing

Affiliate/associate program is a commission-based platform that allows you to ask people to share your information and grow your market.

Clients produced by referral marketing are slightly costly but are the most beneficial, especially for small businesses. They negotiate less and buy faster. Plus, they produce more business to you by spreading words about your brand.

For channelizing your referral marketing effectively, use ‘Referral Marketing’ tools and techniques that will proactively produce referrals in bulk.

You can also consider ‘affiliate programs’ to make different websites send prospects to you, resulting in boosted traffics and sales.

Of course, thoughts of sharing ranks with business giants, like Amazon and Subway, seem challenging. But remember, “Nothing is Impossible,” really!

Just stick to my tips and give your best!