What is Web Crawler? And how does it work?

In the world today, web developers have developed many websites for the owner of many stores, malls, small startup businesses. All SEO officers on the website do SEO and try to include that website in the top 5 links on the Google search engine page. All SEO executives do web crawling of the website, as they are a part of SEO. But many SEO freshers do not know about web crawlers and what is web crawling used for? Therefore, in our blog post today, we want to explain on this topic what is a web crawler? And how does it work?

What is Web Crawler?

We develop a website, a web crawler is a type of program that reads a website web page, and sends the description of the webpage to the search engine. Therefore, the search engine can enter the webpage of that website in its database. On the Internet, there are many search engines, they all have their own program, and web crawler is also known as spider or bot. The job of the spider is to read the website’s webpage and visit the website’s web page repeatedly so that the search engine keeps track of the frequent updates that are happening in the website’s web page. You might think that the crawler automatically comes on the website’s web page, but to crawl the website’s web page, the web page also has to register in the search engine.

How does crawler work?

A crawler reads web pages in HTML. Suppose a user searches for any word (in the best hair salon appearance) in a Google search engine research page, then the search engine at that time looks for that word on its database, which also comes from the website’s web page. Just like a web crawler reads the entire web page and gives the information of that web page to the search engine and whenever a user searches for a word and checks it on the search engine database and if the search engine appears in the database then it displays the link related to the page on the search engine research page.

Explain the relationship between web crawler and SEO

The crawler website reads the webpage, but does not read any other type of word, first checking the spider keyword and location status, it means that he has a word like happy home, then the word spider happy home Checks the web page and checks the word happy home where the title, meta description, or content has been found. Therefore, the crawler looks at the position of the keyword and all is well, then indexes the good keyword of the web page. Therefore you need to do good SEO of the website because SEO and web crawlers work together.

Explain the importance of robots.txt

First, web crawlers read the entire web page of the website, but no longer read the entire web page, so there is a need to create robots.txt file online first. It tells the crawler whether to scan the webpage completely, if not, which part should be scanned and if all is well, the crawler will index the web page and insert it into the search engine’s database (search engine database). In the least case, users see the web crawler scanning the entire web page. The crawler only scans the web page whose SEO is well done. The web crawler should know what it is about, only then the web page can be found in SERP.

If you think that you have indexed your web page, now your web page and website will come to number one on the search engine research page, then you think wrong because, after the index, your web page has to meet all the criteria of the search engine. Google search engine parameters like,

  • When publish your web page
  • Does your publish web page have photos?
  • External and internal links on your web page?
  • Quality of web page
  • the loading time of web page
  • The web page has how many comments?

After all these google search engine parameters check, then web crawling gives permission to any web page and after that, you achieve a good rank on the search engine research page.

Advantages of Web Crawler

  • What the media has to say to your company, organization forums, and external customers what comment to put on your website. Web-crawlers can monitor news sites, social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and industry forums.
  • Obtaining any information on the internet, it wastes a lot of time but in another case, a web crawler gives your competitive and true information.
  • Web crawlers help you find information related to accounts, job sites, job groups social sites (Quora or Freelance), various business needs, and always help generate or grow leads.

Do we hope that all our readers now know what a web crawler is? And how does it work, and how the robots.txt file works, and how SEO and web crawler together in the search engine research page