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Your Essential Guide to Cutting Back on Tobacco

When it comes to bad habits, nothing quite beats the cigarette. Not only is the tobacco in these items incredibly addictive but smoking also has a variety of negative side effects on your body. Despite this, most individuals find it difficult to quit the habit. To provide you with some motivation, we’ll list some of the worst symptoms of tobacco addiction and some methods that you can use to help beat the habit once and for all!

Your Essential Guide to Cutting Back on Tobacco
Your Essential Guide to Cutting Back on Tobacco

Health Benefits of Quitting

Almost all doctors agree that cigarette smoking has a wide range of positive effects on the smoker’s body. This is because this is much more than an addictive habit; we also know that tobacco can cause your health to deteriorate through smoking. Some of the most severe symptoms are found below although we must note that this is far from a comprehensive list:

Breathing problems
Lung disease
Coronary heart disease
Thicker blood vessels
Asthma attacks
Bone marrow cancer
Throat or nose tumours
You are at risk of all of these diseases and many more if you don’t stop smoking as soon as possible. Every time you puff on a tobacco cigarette, you are causing more and more damage to your health and physical condition.

How to Stop Tobacco Dependence

Since smoking is addictive though, it can be quite difficult to stop without some sort of plan. You’re facing a physical and mental battle after all, so an effective strategy is recommended. After you’ve set a date on which you are going to quit using tobacco, make sure you throw away all of your cigarettes, lighters, matches and anything else that could cause a relapse. Also tell your friends and family that you’re trying to quit so they won’t tempt you to start smoking again.

It’s also recommended to use some form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) so you don’t have to go cold turkey. Since nicotine is an addictive substance, simply cutting it out of your life can be difficult if not impossible. An excellent solution here is to purchase an electronic cigarette and some refill liquid from FreshMist or a similarly reputable dealer. These devices will help eliminate tobacco from your routine while still giving you your daily nicotine fix. The refill liquid’s nicotine concentration can also be adjusted depending on the type you buy so you can gradually reduce the dosage and wean yourself off this substance over time.

While NRT will help you deal with physical addiction, there’s a psychological aspect you’ll need to conquer as well. To free your mind, follow these helpful techniques:

Make a list of reasons why quitting tobacco is beneficial
Find a family member or friend to provide primary support
On the day of quitting, treat yourself for taking this step
Find another hobby to do instead of smoking cigarettes
Following these tips, you should have the best chance of breaking this destructive habit. In general, cravings for a cigarette should disappear in four weeks. However, your brain will only be fully free from nicotine addiction after three months of being without tobacco. This means you need to concentrate during this time so you can avoid the chances of a future relapse.

The Path to Better Health

Hopefully this has given you some motivation when it comes to breaking free from tobacco cigarettes. Now that you know of the dangers that this activity can bring and you’re aware of how to combat both the physical and psychological addiction, there is nothing to stop you from quitting! We wish you good luck and hope that you can start leading a healthier lifestyle as soon as possible.